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    Importance of Attending Digital Marketing Conferences

    I’ve been lucky enough to be able to go to at least one marketing conference a year for the past couple of years. I’ve heard from my PPC friends online a couple of times their boss doesn’t see the value of sending them to a conference. One common reason is the cost. Another reason is […]

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    3 Simple Ways to Increase Mobile PPC Performance

    Don’t worry. I’m not going to waste your time with a bunch of stats on why mobile is important. You’re a smart PPC marketer and already know it’s important. But if you’re not seeing the engagement results you’d like from your mobile ads, here are three tips you can test to increase your performance! Make Sure […]

  • 5 Ways to Avoid a Bad PPC Holiday

    5 Ways to Avoid a Bad PPC Holiday (eCom and Retail) Set Annual Budgets and Plan for Higher CPCs Unless you’re selling water filters or diapers, there’s typically some seasonality baked into your eCommerce business. Make sure you plan out your annual SEM budget to coincide with increases in demand, sales and competition. Many people […]

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    3 Questions to Ask Someone Selling You PPC

    Before I got into digital marketing, terms such as “quality score, CPC, CTR or match types” would have been foreign to me. The mentioned PPC terms are some of the simplest terms for any PPC marketer to understand. For someone not in the field, these terms make no sense at all. The lack of understanding paid search […]

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    Confluence Conference 2016

    Joe Martinez, our Senior Manager of Paid Media & Community at Granular, just got back from presenting at Confluence Conference last week in Oklahoma City. The full house at Will Rogers Theatre learned how advertisers should focus their ad content on the user experience. Building user trust, backed up by a great customer experience, leads to livelong users. […]

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    Growth Hackathon Event Announcement

    The Growth Hackathon is a one day workshop for high-potential, entrepreneurial-minded individuals to turn their startup idea into a business with measurable traction by the end of the day. There are great startup ideas, but many fail to get the awareness and volume of customer feedback required to move from the idea stage to a […]

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    When It’s Okay to Use Pure, Broad Match

    Broad Match. The match type that strikes fear in the hearts of any experienced, PPC marketer. We’ve all seen accounts hurting themselves by using nothing but broad match keywords. While I admit to jumping on the broad match hate-train every once in a while, I also acknowledge that it isn’t bad in all cases. There […]

  • adwords value columns

    The Different Value Columns in AdWords

    Unless you’re focused on brand awareness, conversions are the lifeblood to any campaign success. To understand the true ROI your campaigns are achieving, it helps to associate a dollar amount to your conversions to be able to compare those numbers with your costs. Ecommerce accounts have it easier since all you have to do is make sure […]

  • Going Deep with Google Shopping

    ICYMI – I did a 45 minute podcast on Google Shopping where I went in depth on the technical and strategic side of Google Shopping. It’s worth a listen if you would like to learn more about Shopping for your own skill-set or simply want to use this to ask questions to your current agency […]