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Confluence Conference 2016

Joe Martinez, our Senior Manager of Paid Media & Community at Granular, just got back from presenting at Confluence Conference last week in Oklahoma City. The full house at Will Rogers Theatre learned how advertisers should focus their ad content on the user experience. Building user trust, backed up by a great customer experience, leads to livelong users.[…]

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startup milwaukee logo

Growth Hackathon Event Announcement

The Growth Hackathon is a one day workshop for high-potential, entrepreneurial-minded individuals to turn their startup idea into a business with measurable traction by the end of the day. There are great startup ideas, but many fail to get the awareness and volume of customer feedback required to move from the idea stage to a[…]

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broad match simpsons

When It’s Okay to Use Pure, Broad Match

Broad Match. The match type that strikes fear in the hearts of any experienced, PPC marketer. We’ve all seen accounts hurting themselves by using nothing but broad match keywords. While I admit to jumping on the broad match hate-train every once in a while, I also acknowledge that it isn’t bad in all cases. There[…]

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duane brown from unbounce

In-House PPC Blog Series: Duane Brown from Unbounce

In-house life… What’s the deal Duane? I used to work freelance and agency life for a number of years. The reasons I love working in-house boil down to 6 key areas from startups to growing businesses. Time Ideas Training Business Veto Tracking But let me expand on each one and tell you why I love[…]

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adwords value columns

The Different Value Columns in AdWords

Unless you’re focused on brand awareness, conversions are the lifeblood to any campaign success. To understand the true ROI your campaigns are achieving, it helps to associate a dollar amount to your conversions to be able to compare those numbers with your costs. Ecommerce accounts have it easier since all you have to do is make sure[…]

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Going Deep with Google Shopping

ICYMI – I did a 45 minute podcast on Google Shopping where I went in depth on the technical and strategic side of Google Shopping. It’s worth a listen if you would like to learn more about Shopping for your own skill-set or simply want to use this to ask questions to your current agency[…]

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In-House PPC Blog Series: Brooke Townsend from Invitations by Dawn

Hi Everyone! I’m Brooke Townsend, and I’m what I like to call myself a “marketing minority.” I have been working as an in-house PPC Manager for Invitations by Dawn for about 3.5 years, and have loved (almost) every minute of it. Invitations by Dawn is an e-commerce wedding invitations and stationery company. Putting e-commerce and[…]

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in-house ppc blog series

Introducing the In-House PPC Blog Series

At Granular, we try to share as much useful information about the PPC world as we can. It’s a passion that we’re proud to have, but we acknowledge our views are just one perspective. PPC advertisers at agencies typically work with several clients that can expand across a variety of industries. We’re not used to working on[…]

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extended text ad beta

Expanded Text Ads in AdWords: What You Should Know

Google held their annual GPS Summit in the end of May. We got to hear about all the new features coming to AdWords, and one of those features is currently in active beta for select accounts. I’m talking about Expanded Text Ads. This post will explain what is changing and what actions you may need to take going[…]

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multi-layered display targeting

3 Easy Ways to Boost Your AdWords Display Performance

Display campaigns in AdWords are a great way to boost awareness for either your brand or a specific product or service. However if you’re new to this campaign type, you could end up spending a lot of money showing your ads to the wrong audience. Here are three simple ways you can create a better-performing[…]

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google performance summit 2016

Best Features Announced at Google Performance Summit 2016

May 24th was what we at Granular called, “The Oscars for our industry.” It’s the Google event we never want to miss as we get to hear about all the new features that are planned to roll out for AdWords. This year did not disappoint. While we won’t get to everything they covered, here are the[…]

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Granular messenger code

Why Facebook Needed Robots to Help Businesses with Chat

Just like us, Facebook is a data-driven company. They don’t make decisions lightly and rely on deep statistical insights to make business decisions. One of their latest decisions was to roll-out a new product that helps businesses chat with customers with the help of automation. The need for this and the supporting data behind the[…]

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heroconf philadelphia

HeroConf 2016 Philadelphia – A Personal Recap

Last week, I got to attend HeroConf in Philadelphia. If you’re not familiar with the conference it is the largest conference in the world that only focuses on paid search. It was a great chance to catch up with my PPC friends from around the world, moderate a whole day of breakouts, and get to[…]

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3 important things to know about gmail ads

3 Important Things to Know About Gmail Ads

I’ve been implementing Gmail ads for all of my clients lately to test out an under-utilized way of getting in front of new users. With my clients at Granular, Gmail campaigns have been one of the most successful Display campaigns I’ve seen in driving new leads. We also still see many advertisers are still unfamiliar[…]

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prominence adwords

Google Makes Changes to Ad Rank. New Focus on Prominence.

Today we received notification from our Google Agency reps that there is an update made to Ad Rank, Extensions and Bidding. Here is a list of everything they told us is changing. We are improving how we account for the impact of ad formats (ad extensions) in Ad Rank Some Ad Formats can improve your[…]

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Breaking: Walmart Accidentally Closes 100’s of Stores

Don’t worry, your supply of $0.24 Ramen and  is still available. It just appears that someone or a system accidentally listed a lot of Walmart locations as permanently closed. In an attempt to find some cheap folding chairs for Granular in Milwaukee, Walmart was naturally on the short list of stores. Upon searching, we discovered[…]

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remarketing audiences in google analytics

Remarketing Audiences to Create in Google Analytics

Remarketing isn’t anything new anymore. It’s become one of the most common forms of Display advertising within the AdWords platform. Creating audiences in AdWords is fairly simple and is good for creating basic audiences. Google Analytics, on the other hand, allows you to create several, layered audiences that can be used to make your remarketing[…]

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and its gone south park

No More Sidebar Ads on Google

There was some big news dropped on the search engine world Friday, February 19, 2016. Google announced that they were changing up the layout of their search engine results page (SERP). This layout definitely affects PPC marketers since there are now fewer ads on the page. This layout also affected SEO marketers because organic results[…]

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proof points ppc ad

Using Proof Points in PPC

As a digital marketer I’m always trying to implement new ways to connect with my target audience. I consistently see positive results from my campaign performances when I’m building visitors’ confidence every step of the PPC path. An easy way to build that confidence is through proof points. I look at proof points as evidence that backs[…]

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competitor boxing

Targeting Your Competitors with PPC

I recently had a conversation with a client about expanding their reach and going after their competitors with paid search. Initially they weren’t sure about this because they were afraid the competition would start targeting their name in retaliation. The funny part was their competitors were already targeting them and we could prove it. Google gives advertisers[…]

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automated ad extensions blog

Types of Automated Ad Extensions

In October 2013, AdWords came out and clearly talked about how ad extensions have a direct effect on ad rank. This was an immediate call-to-action for PPC marketers to start adding as many extensions as possible. What makes this process a little more difficult is that Google doesn’t give us the ability to manually set up[…]

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google rlsa

RLSA Campaign Targeting and Bidding Options in AdWords

RLSA campaigns, or remarketing lists for search ads, is a unique way to get your ads back in front of previous visitors. For example let’s say someone visited your website and left because they weren’t ready to convert at that moment. If you have the remarketing code set up on you site, you will have the visitor[…]

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instagram ad on phone

Results From Our Instagram Ads Test

Results of Our Instagram Ads Test Start with a small budget when testing a new channel / ad format – that’s almost always our rule. This of course varies based on your company size. Testing a new channel at one of the universities I ran paid for was often in the $10s of thousands of[…]

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fred flintstone locked out of house

Are You Getting Full Value with Your PPC Budget?

5 Signs You’re Working with a Bad PPC Company Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, every marketing dollar is precious. It is always important to be on top of how your marketing budget is being spent to make sure you’re getting the most value. So how do you know if you’re not[…]

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landing page pop up

Why Your Landing Pages May Not Be Working

Whether you’re involved with PPC, SEO, email marketing or social media, the landing page can make or break the odds of a campaign succeeding. You can drive a lot of traffic, but if your landing page doesn’t convert then what’s the point? A 25% CTR and 400% traffic increase doesn’t look great if the return[…]

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