Granular A/B testing CRO landing page

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization is among the most important aspects of online commerce. Our past “wins” have delivered huge gains in conversion rate and lowered overall CPA. We use design, UX, analytics and common sense to improve your website’s conversion rate, thus driving more sales without additional ad spend.

Every test is driven by measurement, not gut feel or opinion. We ensure that A/B or Multivariate landing page tests are statistically significant winners.

Squeeze more out of your marketing budget and improve PPC efficiency by making your website work harder for you with CRO.

Granular A/B testing CRO landing page

-84% Reduced Cost per Conversion

Case Study Worthy CRO Tests

Granular designed a conversion rate optimization (CRO) plan to increase conversions and reduce unqualified leads from the website.


  • Establish Google Ads Campaigns for Niche Services
  • Drive High-Quality Leads
  • Optimize Landing Pages for Conversions
  • Conduct a Landing Page Experiment to Grow Conversions


In an effort to increase conversions, Granular’s solution was to focus on crafting landing pages with less “friction” making it easy for users to convert. Multiple landing pages were designed to A/B test their effectiveness.

With statistical significance, we were able to prove that a clean and straightforward design converted at a higher rate, with higher quality form submissions.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) landing page PPC test