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Data-driven Digital Marketing Strategy + Execution

Over $100 million managed under our team during our PPC careers. We’ve done Black Friday for Fortune 100 companies, we’ve tested Alpha and Betas with Google and Bing. There’s no learning on your dime; we’ve done it before and we’ve managed it at scale.

Small budgets are ok, too. We’ve worked with one-person shops, clients two and three time-zones away, and folks who depend on month-over-month results in order to maintain their livelihood. Expansive vertical experience lends to our efficiency. From obscure B2B products to everyday household goods and services, we have experience with a large array of industries.

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Local & National Digital Marketing Services

Granular provides expert management across the country and in your back yard. Find out more about our specific digital marketing expertise below.

Granular graffiti room

PPC Management Agency

You need top performance from Google Ads – we deliver. As one of the few Google Premier Partners, we have access to advanced Google products and features that few do. We started as a PPC agency from day one, employee one. Not many agencies have that kind of focus, and because of that, they don’t have the deep level of experience as Granular. We’ve grown up and have over 20+ full-time, US-based PPC management experts on the team. No outsourcing, no “set it and forget it”; we’re in this fight for ROI together.

Fortune 100 or family-run small business – we’re here for you and we’re going to deliver value from day one. We’re efficient by design and are always laser-focused on true ROI, down to evaluating your profit margins and forming a PPC strategy based on true business metrics…not clicks and clacks.

  • PPC Architecture that Frank Lloyd Wright would envy.
  • Ad Copywriting that Don Draper would approve.
  • Budget Management that will keep your accountant happy.
  • Quality Score Optimization that will make Google cringe (from lower CPCs).
  • Local PPC to stay in front of your core audience and dominate markets.
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Shopping Ads / Feed Management

Google Shopping Ads or Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are growing more popular every day. They are pivotal to the success of any eCommerce business. We use our experience with SMBs as well as massive feeds for some of the largest eComm businesses in the US to bring your Shopping Ads to the next level.

  • No account too large, the more SKUs the better
  • Gain more visibility, clicks, and overall improved ROI
  • SKU-level optimization, seasonality control, margin bid rules, feed cleaning
  • We also run eBay and Amazon stores, with expertise in all Marketplace channels
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Amazon Ad Management

Marketplace and Ad Management for Amazon

1P and 3P setup, optimization, and ongoing management. Brand Stores, Sponsored Display Ads, DSP, Sponsored Products, ACoS Optimization, Product Description Optimization – we handle all of your Amazon advertising needs. Help shoppers discover your brand and products on Amazon with rich, engaging creatives.

We’ll even throw in a free Amazon Review tool for you.

  • From 10 products to 100,000+ SKUs – we setup and improve Amazon seller performance.
  • Multinational eCommerce to Mom and Pop
  • World Class campaign setup and optimization
  • ROI-focused, ACoS optimized, and highly trackable
  • Flat Fee Management - no penalty for growth like many who skim a % of your profits as you grow
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Paid Social Ads Management

Social media advertising isn’t only for branding, it can also be a strong channel for driving direct leads and eCommerce conversions. Our proven tactics can make social media work for you, big or small. We’ve spent millions of dollars on Meta ads and have driven consistent ROI-positive returns for our clients.

  • Meta (FB + IG) ads, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Quora, Reddit + more
  • Stay in front of your audience and build new ones with world class social ads from Granular
  • Organic social not doing anything? Ads are the immediate solution to test and prove ROI.
  • Retargeting on social media is an easy way to prove your customers are there!
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Programmatic Display + Connected TV (CTV + OTT)

We get your company in front of potential customers with highly targeted Programmatic and Retargeting ads. Don’t let “banner buys” waste your budget by hoping the right person sees it. With our approach, we know that your ads are getting seen by the exact right people who will then take action with your business.

Full-funnel approach to drive awareness, brand recall, educate, and drive action. From direct conversions on your website to foot-traffic increase studies, we can drive measurable results for your business through programmatic advertising.

  • Target users, not just websites or DMAs
  • Smart, measured and strategic ad timing and firing rules
  • Retargeting that drives measurable results with Display, Native, and Video ads
  • Video retargeting via OTT, CTV and YouTube
  • High-value Whitelist placements, no MFA (made for advertising) sites here.

Analytics and Measurement Experts

We are Google Analytics (GA4) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) / Google Looker certified and we are here to help. Tracking your website and advertising traffic, users and user interaction is key to digital marketing success. If you don’t have the proper analytics solution in place, we’ll help install it. If your current installation isn’t working, we can fix it. Customization in GA and Google Tag Manager is pivotal to business success and growth. We’ve seen so much wasted ad spend due to misinformed marketers using bad data.

Our mantra is: Before you spend $1 on advertising, be sure that everything is measured.

  • Custom Google Analytics Setup + Audits
  • GA4 Transitions and Implementation Plans
  • Custom Reporting and BI (business intelligence) Dashboards
  • Custom Marketing Dashboards and Real-time Reporting
  • Data Cleaning and Optimization for 30+ Marketing Platforms
Analytics and measurement reporting dashboard example at Granular

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization is among the most important aspects of online commerce. Our past “wins” have delivered huge gains in conversion rate and lowered overall CPA. We use design, UX, analytics and common sense to improve your website’s conversion rate, thus driving more sales without additional ad spend.

Every test is driven by measurement, not gut feel or opinion. We ensure that A/B or Multivariate landing page tests are statistically significant winners.

Squeeze more out of your marketing budget and improve PPC efficiency by making your website work harder for you with CRO.

  • The cheapest way to stretch your marketing dollars
  • Use data, not gut feel to optimize for conversion rate
  • A/B landing page tests, multivariate testing and reporting
  • Custom reporting and BI (business intelligence) dashboards
Granular A/B testing CRO landing page

Why Choose Granular?

Granular is a Top Google Premier Partner

We are in the top 3% of all agencies using Google Ads (AdWords)! We have collectively managed well over $100,000,000 in PPC spend. Our Google reps fly from Mountain View and NYC to visit with our team in Milwaukee.

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