Look Around...You Won't Find a Better ROI

Dedicated Digital Marketing For Your Business

  • Agency A

    Charges a % of YOUR Budget

    • They Want You To Spend More.
    • If You Spend Less, They’re Not Happy.
    • Old-school Ad Agency Pricing.
    • Interns/Rookies Spend Your Budget.


    Psst…Don’t Do It!
  • Granular

    Straightforward Pricing

    • Easy-Math Monthly Management Fee.
    • ONLY Senior Talent On Your Account.
    • Low Overhead = Lower Fees.
    • No Learning on Your Dime.


    The Right Choice
  • Agency B

    Out of This World Marketing

    • You Pay for Their Big Brand Marketing.
    • Their Sr. Guru is Always at a Conference.
    • Their Huge Office Increases Your Fee.
    • Interns and Juniors Fill their Desks.


    Hide From Your Accountant

Common Questions

  • Do you have setup fees or contracts?

    Yes and Yes, but let us explain.

    • We typically charge a setup fee in order to front-load management hours and get the dirty work out of the way. Rather than taking all of your management time from month 1 to get your account setup correctly, then actually manage the account in month 2 – we get the setup done in a week or two and then move right into management. It’s more of a “head-start fee” if you think about how far ahead you are in month 2.
    • Our contracts are month-to-month and easy to get out of if there’s any need to do so. Some lawyers wouldn’t call that much of a contract. We like our clients to feel free to do what they want, not tied down to a long contract.
  • How much does it cost?
    • How much does a bag of groceries cost? There’s no one-price-fits-all option here, and that’s a good thing. Sure, you have the YellowPages of the world who treat every single business the same and produce the same mediocre results. We charge an ultra-competitive (probably too low) management fee, based on a custom proposal created only after we have an in-depth conversation about your company and your goals. That way we know what we’re getting into, and we know what your company needs to succeed. It’s a better value than most competitors.

  • What is the billing cycle?

    Monthly. We charge at the beginning of each month for management fees that we’ve previously agreed upon. Invoice, direct wire transfer, PayPal, if it’s green our accountant is happy. All media fees (costs from Google, Facebook, etc) are directly charged to your company. We are not the middle-man for those transactions and never up-charge your media costs like many traditional agencies do.

  • How many Campaigns or Keywords can I have?

    You ask this because another agency has limits? That’s silly. Your limits are our limits, which are endless. Sure, we’ve managed over 1 million keyword accounts, but most people don’t need that many and we typically don’t keep a count unless you’re curious – then we’ll count them up and let you know. The only limits we hit on keywords, campaigns, or ads are what the search engines allow, which is a really really high number.

    How long does it take to get started with Granular?

    It really depends on your current situation. If you simply want to change agencies or have your PPC person out on leave – we can swoop in and take over management within a few hours. If you’re just starting out or have a really messy account, it could take a few weeks to get everything setup before we start serving ads. At any rate, we’re quick on the draw and typically move at a pace that’s good for us and our clients.

    Wait...Don't you guys have a trendy expensive office?

    It looks cool. It’s fun to work out of. Clients and visitors love it. But, we got a killer deal and it really doesn’t cost us a lot to be in the heart of Milwaukee. With zero private offices and an open concept, it was reasonable to furnish, too! Come by and play us in a game of foosball!