Analytics and measurement reporting dashboard example at Granular

Analytics and Measurement Experts

We are Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) / Google Looker certified and we are here to help. Tracking your website and advertising traffic, users and user interaction is key to digital marketing success. If you don’t have the proper analytics solution in place, we’ll help install it. If your current installation isn’t working, we can fix it. Customization in GA and Google Tag Manager is pivotal to business success and growth. We’ve seen so much wasted ad spend due to misinformed marketers using bad data.

Our mantra is: Before you spend $1 on advertising, be sure that everything is measured.

Analytics and measurement reporting dashboard example at Granular

Google Analytics

  • GA4 Transitions
  • Google Analytics Audits
  • Expert GA Setup
  • Custom GA Conversion Tracking

Measurement Tools

  • Power BI
  • Supermetrics
  • Excel Wizards (of course)

Insights and Recommendations Beyond the Numbers

Custom Reporting Dashboards

Every client gets access to our custom dashboard, accessible in real-time, online or on your phone so you can keep track of your KPIs when you need them. Through 1,000s of hours of digital advertising reporting, we’ve distilled down the KPIs for each digital channel, provide actionable insights, and create a transparent dialog between our team and yours. 


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I found Granular very insightful, creative, and responsive. Granular helped us significantly increase our search conversions while decreasing our cost per conversion by 30%+. Leveraging creative A/B testing as well as competitive, audience, and geo data, Granular showcased their consummate expertise in SEM. I highly recommend them for your search marketing needs.
Rob C.