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Paid Search Management

You need top performance from Google Ads – we deliver. As one of the few Google Premier Partners, we have access that few do. We started as a PPC agency from day one, employee one. Not many agencies have that kind of focus, and because of that, they don’t have the deep level of experience as Granular. We’ve grown up and have over 20+ full-time, US-based PPC experts on the team. No outsourcing, no “set it and forget it”; we’re in this fight for ROI together.

Fortune 100 or family-run small business – we’re here for you and we’re going to deliver value from day one. We’re efficient by design and are always laser-focused on true ROI, down to evaluating your profit margins and forming a PPC strategy based on true business metrics…not clicks and clacks.

Granular graffiti room

When ~90% of your customers start on Google - you need to get Granular to stand out and win.

Unmatched Experience:

Over $100 Million managed under our team. We’ve done Black Friday for Fortune 100 companies, we’ve tested Alpha and Betas with Google and Bing. There’s no learning on your dime; we’ve done it before and we’ve managed it at scale.

Unmatched Depth:

Small budgets are ok, too. We’ve worked with one-person shops, clients two and three time zones away, and folks who depend on month-over-month results in order to maintain their livelihood. Expansive vertical experience lends to our efficiency. From obscure B2B products to everyday household CPG goods and professional services, we have success with a large array of industries and verticals.

Steady Growth + Measurable Results


Brand Launch in USA
Dealer Growth, Bike Sales, Test Rides


eCom Sales Increase
For Fleet Farm


Conversions Increased
-181% Decrease in CPA


Cost Per Enrollment
+91% Growth in Local Leads

Google Ads Management

The King of Intent

  • PPC Strategy to Drive Business Growth
  • Quality Score Optimization
  • Efficiency Gains from Day One
  • Full-Funnel Search Approach
  • eCom and Lead Gen Experts

PPC Measurement

Measure Everything

  • Measurement and Attribution Strategy
  • Tagging, Tracking, Attribution Modeling Setup
  • Google Tag Manager Experts
  • Google Analytics Experts
  • Custom Dashboards

The Finer Side of Google Ads Management

  • PPC Architecture that Frank Lloyd Wright would envy.
  • Ad Copywriting that Don Draper would approve.
  • Budget Management that will keep your accountant happy.
  • Quality Score Optimization that will reduce CPCs.
  • Local PPC to stay in front of your audience and dominate markets.
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PPC Management Details

  • Quality Score Optimized Architecture
  • Bidding Strategy Testing
  • Keyword Research and Refinement
  • Google Ads - Alpha and Beta Tests
  • Geographic Adjustments by ROI
  • Expert Shopping Campaign Setup
  • Custom Reporting Dashboard
  • CRM Integrations
  • Retargeting and Display Ads
  • Ad Copy Testing
  • YouTube Custom Audience Targeting
  • 1st Party Data Targeting
  • Seasonal Traffic and ROI Sculpting
  • Remarketing For Search Ads
  • Offline Conversion Tracking
  • Phone Call Tracking
  • New Creative Ad Planning
  • Negative Keyword Management
  • Custom Retargeting Audiences and Sequencing
  • Conversion Quality and Quantity Ballance

Why Choose Granular?

Competitive is an Understatement

Granular has built the Dream Team of digital marketing experts and we aren’t afraid to square up against some of the biggest, most established agencies in the country when it comes to PPC. Our team structure allows a true PPC expert to own your day-to-day optimizations as well as work with you directly – no project manager or sales guy in the middle. As a company, we let our expertise and results speak for themselves, no slick client management team needed.

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More About PPC Management

Paid Search Management (aka PPC management) is the compass guiding your digital voyage. Google Ads—formerly Google AdWords—is the most well-known PPC advertising system, but other platforms like Bing Ads and LinkedIn offer PPC ad models.

PPC is not just bidding on keywords; it’s communicating a narrative that resonates with your target audience at the right moment. Granular leverages precision, expertise, and real-time analytics to capture high-intent users. Dive into a world where your ads don’t just get clicks—they ignite journeys, foster relationships, and drive business momentum.

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