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Google Premier Partnership

MILWAUKEE, WI – FEBRUARY 23 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Granular, one of the nation’s leaders in paid digital marketing, today announced it has achieved Google Premier Partner status for the eighth year in a row. This exclusive designation places them among the top 3% of Google Partners that meet the new, more rigorous program requirements across[…]

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B2B Industrial CPC Trends

Industrial B2B Conversion Rate and CPC Trends

When reporting on campaign data, especially with newer clients, we often get some form of the question “Are these numbers good?” or “How does this performance stack up compared to other people in my industry?” These clients, while all in the industrial/manufacturing space, vary greatly in account size & scope. Their ad spend ranges from[…]

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How Brands Leverage Digital Advertising To Give Their 2023 Super Bowl Ad Extra Yards

I enjoy watching football and consider myself semi-knowledgeable about the sport (cough cough, 2021 Granular Fantasy Football Champion talking here) but I couldn’t have cared less who won the Super Bowl this year. So, if you’re anything like me, you watched the Super Bowl for one or all of these three reasons: #1 – The[…]

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AI for PPC

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s latest space-and-time bending artificial intelligence program, is a free-use dialogue tool allowing one to submit a series of variables or questions, from which the machine will source its seemingly limitless knowledge base for an answer. Ask it anything from the mundane (“what’s the best chicken parmesan recipe?”) to the outlandish (“give me a[…]

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How Scale Modeling Made Me a Better Marketer

It’s no secret that having and holding onto hobbies can bring an insane amount of joy and fulfillment, albeit sometimes with stress. Hobbies allow you to unlock your creative potential, with the skills and creativity you bring to your hobbies helping you in other areas of your life. Scale modeling, at least in hobby terms,[…]

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What We See For PPC In 2023

Granular’s Top PPC Predictions for 2023 Anna – eCommerce & Programmatic Advertising: I’m looking forward to seeing how much OTT/CTV advertising grows in the next year. We’ve already seen massive growth in the space since 2020, and with more people expanding their paid subscriptions to platforms like Netflix, I am excited to test out more[…]

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Artificial Intelligence

5 Things You Need to Know Before Using Artificial Intelligence for Ad Copy

AI chatbots, such as Chat GPT and deep learning image models like DALL-E, have recently created a lot of hype surrounding artificial intelligence services online. I believe these are game-changing tools that will alter how we live and work, but it’s essential to consider the potential downsides before using AI for your company or product.[…]

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Duplicate Snapchat Ads The Easy Way!

I love Snapchat as an ads platform, but I’ve always been annoyed and slightly confused about the “clone” feature. Cloning is useful if you want to reuse everything exactly as it is, such as if you want to move unchanged assets across campaigns or ad sets. But, it does not work if you simply want[…]

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View Competitor Google Ads

How To See A Competitor’s Google Ads For Free

Google quietly rolled out ads transparency pages for all their verified advertisers in 2022 This resource makes it easy to see the ads each Google Advertiser ran in the last 31 days Users can see all of the text, image and video ads from any verified Google Advertiser Countless hours have been spent by marketers[…]

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Headshot of dog Podrick "The Menace", Granular Milwaukee

Granimals: Meet the Pets of Granular

Podrick the Menace Podrick belongs to me, Megan Klein, Manager of Paid Media at Granular. I helped The Rick break Amish in August of 2021, and my life hasn’t been the same since… My house was basically a farm growing up. At one point we had 4 dogs, 4 cats, a “teacup” pig (he was[…]

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