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  • Quality Score Poem

    Love Poem to Quality Score

    In paid advertising, we all know the pains of quality score. We work incredibly hard with our clients to get their website to reflect exactly what their business does. Then we write ad copy based on those landing pages and our keywords need to be the most relevant to the user. But sometimes no matter […]

  • Ad Customizers

    Google Ad Customizers: Part 1

    Google Ad Customizers: Part 1 At a former agency, I worked on a PPC account that was so geographically segmented that we targeted such hot spots as Twin Falls, Idaho (population <50,000), and separated out Orem, UT from Provo, UT (a distance of less than 5 miles). This account was terribly under-managed, because most of […]

  • Why A Growing Number of People Should Consider Productivity Training

    If you’ve got indoor plumbing, a machine in your basement that pumps hot and cool air into your house, and it’s just a trip down the road to pick up all the food you can eat, then life is good.  Most, if not all, of your daily problems are, as the saying goes, “first-world problems.”



    But yet, we’re some of the most stressed out people in the world.  What a paradox right?!?

    What I want to talk about here is one main culprit of our stress, and one of the main reasons why a growing number of people should consider productivity training to relieve the stress and be more successful in every area of their lives.

    We juggle a ton of things

    Take a look at this list of things I juggle from day to day…

    • Clients.  At any given point in time, I may be managing 6-8 clients, while contributing high-level strategy feedback to 15-20 more.
    • Platforms.  Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, and on and on.
    • Strategies.  The best strategy for each client on each platform is…it depends.
    • Tactics/Tasks.  Each client may have 10-50 tasks in the queue at any particular point in time.
    • Training. In a constantly changing industry, it’s necessary to be on top of the newest things, the latest trends, and the smartest strategies.

    When I take a step back and look at this list, my stomach starts to tighten.

    It’s likely that you can relate…and this isn’t even including all the things that fight for attention, time and energy outside of work. Some of you may even look at this list and wish that’s all you had on your plate (business owners FTW!).

    So what’s this culprit I’m referring to that leaves people constantly stressed out despite having amazingly good lives?

    The lack of clear and executable boundaries.  Whole books have been written about this subject (I highly recommend this one).



  • How to Advertise with Waze

    Waze Advertising: An Update for 2020

    This post is an update to our 2018 post. Every month, drivers spend an average of 438 minutes on Waze.  In Milwaukee, companies like Men’s Warehouse, Starbucks, Children’s Hospital, Casey’s General Store, and more are already advertising on the app. Waze allows them to drive local, offline conversions through mobile, on-the-go, online advertising. For smaller advertisers, […]

  • Is Digital Advertising A Bubble That’s Going To Pop?

    I know a way to make your PPC ads out-of-this-world effective. Just make sure you show them to people that are going to buy anyway! 🙂 In this recent blog post, it was suggested that online advertising is a bubble, and that sooner or later people are going to figure out that all the money […]

  • A Way To Build Google Ads Campaigns For The Holidays Fast

    Sometimes the holidays creep up on us (and our clients!) quickly.  While our typical approach to an account is to take our time and incrementally build out campaigns as we meet performance goals and focus on quality over quantity, the holiday season brings upon us a whole different set of circumstances.  Businesses are in the […]

  • The Google Ads Automated Rules Setting That Can Screw Up Everything

    Automated rules are good for situations where you know you’re going to need to make changes at some point in the future based on some criteria like performance or time. For example, you might increase or decrease a bid on a keyword if it meets certain performance thresholds. Or you might want to pause campaigns […]

  • 6 Google Ads Scripts Every Account Should Be Using

    I’m writing this the day after Halloween, which may be the perfect time to talk about Google Ads scripts since it’s a fairly scary subject to most people dealing with accounts.  But let me tell you…it doesn’t have to be.  With such an amazing, sharing community all around us, PPCers aren’t on their own…ever.  Trust me, I don’t know a thing about coding.  But since others do, using scripts for important tasks on accounts has become a copy/paste endeavor for the most part.

  • Book Review: Digital Marketing in an AI World

    Some would say we’re not significantly affected by the media we consume. I don’t claim to be one of them. After watching a lot of the movies being put out these days that show futuristic visions of how artificial intelligence might be incorporated into the world in the future, I can’t help but wonder how […]

  • Stop Getting Sold On “Geo-Fencing”

    Synergy, change agents, deep dive, circle back, boiling the ocean, ping me – remember some of these cringe-worthy business buzzwords? Business is full of them, and yes I admit, I still use some of these words from time to time. What is it about business that gets us stuck on meaningless one-liners and platitudes devoid […]

  • instagram in-app purchase

    What In-App Check Out in Instagram Means for Your Paid Media Campaigns

    For a little while now, Facebook has been pushing its Marketplace section as a sort of Craigslist killer. There are quite a lot of listing and a decent amount of traffic inside Facebook’s Marketplace system. But it hasn’t caught on the way Facebook hoped. While the Facebook Marketplace is not going anywhere, as of now. […]