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  • linkedin event ads

    How LinkedIn Ads Is Supporting The Virtual Events Trend

    Chances are by now you’ve either organized or attended an online event you might not have prior to the pandemic. In LinkedIn’s Best Practice Guide for Events, they mention… 65% of B2B marketers are planning to reallocate some or most of their live event budgets to online events due to Covid-19. The types of online […]

  • Programmatic - OTT vs CTV

    Programmatic Video: CTV & OTT – So What’s The Difference?

    Since COVID-19 hit the world in 2020, more people have been at home watching streaming content than ever before. This has increased programmatic video advertising opportunities. The main two avenues for distribution are Connected TV (CTV) and Over the Top (OTT) advertising.  When first hearing about CTV, most people equate it with something like running […]

  • improve digital attribution

    3 Basic Ways to Improve Your Digital Attribution Quickly

    Detailed and accurate attribution is key to driving digital marketing performance. If the data that your decisions are based on is inaccurate or not detailed enough, then you’re at risk of not making the most optimal decisions. Often, we find that clients are aware that what they’re tracking isn’t a complete picture of all their […]

  • Drive Online Revenue

    6 Ways To Drive More Online Revenue Using Your Customer Data

    As a business, one of the most valuable things you have is your customer data. There are several different ways you can utilize your customer data in digital marketing to both re-engage current customers and find new customers. First, let’s talk about the type of customer data you will need and how you can collect […]

  • Facebook Ad Account Disabled

    Facebook Ad Account Disabled? Here’s The First Thing To Check.

    Having your Facebook ad account disabled can be extremely frustrating, especially when Facebook gives little-to-no detail on what policy was violated to trigger the disapproval! We at Granular have found, more often than not in recent days and weeks, the reason that our clients’ ad accounts get randomly shut down is because they have not […]

  • Content Grouping

    A Feature Of Google Analytics Content Creators Shouldn’t Overlook

    To me, it seems like an overlooked feature that’s been a part of Google Analytics Universal since it launched is Content Groupings. Content groupings are clusters of pages defined by common identifiers, like URL, metadata or website purpose.  By using them, a company can better understand the growth of its website over time through more […]

  • Google Ads Grants: Important Requirements & Helpful Strategy Tips

    I forget what the psychological effect is called, but something happens to people when they get free money.  They tend to be more careless with it.  “Oh, I just got a bonus in my paycheck?  Yippe ki yay!  I’ll go blow it on a doodad I’ve been wanting for a while,” we think.  “Oh, I […]

  • 5 YouTube Ad Placement Types You Need To Watch Out For

    It’s true.  There are some really bad placements for your ads on YouTube.  For the unsuspecting advertiser that follows a basic campaign set up and uses some broader targeting options (like topics and keywords), they may just find that they’ve been serving ads before and during videos that either don’t deliver any value, or worse, […]

  • how to move a facebook ad account

    How To Move A Personal Ad Account Into Facebook Business Manager

    At Granular we believe it is critical for companies to own their own digital ad accounts but every so often we come across a client whose Facebook Ads Manager account was set up under an employee’s personal ad account instead of under the business. This can become a real pain…especially if the employee no longer […]