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  • 5 YouTube Ad Placement Types You Need To Watch Out For

    It’s true.  There are some really bad placements for your ads on YouTube.  For the unsuspecting advertiser that follows a basic campaign set up and uses some broader targeting options (like topics and keywords), they may just find that they’ve been serving ads before and during videos that either don’t deliver any value, or worse, […]

  • how to move a facebook ad account

    How To Move A Personal Ad Account Into Facebook Business Manager

    At Granular we believe it is critical for companies to own their own digital ad accounts but every so often we come across a client whose Facebook Ads Manager account was set up under an employee’s personal ad account instead of under the business. This can become a real pain…especially if the employee no longer […]

  • When to switch to GA4

    Should I Switch To GA4? – The Question Marketers Are Asking Themselves

    In the past few weeks, I’ve been asked by clients and internal team members a very smart question; “When should we start using GA4 (Google Analytics 4)?,” and I didn’t really have a clear answer. In the past few months since being released in October of 2020, GA4 has been throwing many digital marketers and […]

  • Own Digital Ad Accounts

    Why It’s Critical For Companies To Own Their Digital Ad Accounts

    Recently, I got a new client and ran into a major obstacle in the onboarding process that left both the client and I frustrated. Not only that, it delayed launching new campaigns and made not only the onboarding process more difficult, but all management for the ad accounts moving forward more complicated. As a standard […]

  • 4 Ways To Find The Right YouTube Videos To Target With Your Ads

    YouTube can be kind of a dangerous place to advertise if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Why is that?  Well…consider this… As of this writing, there are about 720,000 hours of new video content uploaded to YouTube every day(!!!), and that content varies widely.  What’s more, the audiences watching that content varies wildly.  Personally, […]

  • Shopping Trends

    A Pandemic Update on Trending Search Terms

    Last year changed a lot in retail – with limited capacities at stores due to COVID-19, retailers started pushing for more online driven marketing and focused on store pickups. Google introduced the Curbside Pickup tag (see image below) earlier in the year, with Microsoft following shortly after. Retailers began to train their customers to shop […]

  • 13 Paid Search Ad Techniques To Try For Relatively Unknown Products

    A new client recently started with us and brought with them a sort of unique situation when it comes to Paid Search.  I had heard about examples of this situation before but had never directly worked with it. The unique part of working with this client is people don’t search for what they offer. Huh, […]

  • 5 Tips for Better Digital Marketing Writing

    WUT YOU SAY? 5 Tips Guaranteed To Better-ize Your Digital Writing

    Every day, one of my best friends and I started our conversations with “how are you?” Of course, the next person gives the obligatory “good, but tired/busy/stressed. How about you?” AND IT’S DRAINING. I love talking to this friend, but this opening takes all of the interest out of our conversations. And then I remembered […]