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Programmatic Display + Connected TV (CTV + OTT)

We keep you in front of your potential customers with highly targeted Omnichannel Programmatic and Remarketing ads. Don’t let “banner buys” waste your budget by hoping the right person sees it. With our approach, we know that your ads are getting seen by the exact right people who will then take action with your business.

Full-funnel approach to drive awareness, brand recall, educate, and drive action. From direct conversions on your website to foot-traffic increase studies, we can drive measurable results for your business through programmatic advertising.

Programmatic ad types graphic - "Display, Native, Audio, CTV, OTT Video, Digital OOH"

Bringing Back Targeting that Facebook and Google Used To Have

Privacy is important…but so is reaching your target audience.

With Granular Programmatic Segments, we bring back some of the most valuable targeting of yesteryear…well, since March 2022, when Facebook took away lots of data from advertisers. Plus we add data from 100’s of premium sources that help triangulate ads to your target customers.

  • Purchase Behavior, Browsing Interests, Geo-fencing Signals
  • Recent Store Visits…often times EXACT Stores, like Bass Pro Shop, AMC Theater, Allen Edmonds, etc
  • What kind of snacks people eat, cars they drive, fashion brands they buy, and restaurants they visit.

Let’s get Granular with Targeting:

– Healthcare CEOs who wear Allen Edmonds shoes, drive a luxury car, attend concerts at the Fiserv Forum, and eats healthy snacks.

– Farmers who like Broadway Theater, use a dating app and are researching tattoo removal services. 

– OR we can target SMB owners who are looking for advertising services. That might be you.

The possibilities are nearly endless.

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Full Funnel Coverage

Drive Awareness, Increase Conversions, Or Both

Granular Programmatic campaigns are designed for your goals. Not for finding the cheapest CPMs that no one will even see. We focus on viewable impressions, video completion rates, and ultimately measurable conversions that improve your bottom line


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