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The podcast where digital marketing experts from the agency Granular talk about the latest trends, tried and true best practices, and share their unfiltered thoughts about the digital marketing industry.

The Value of Bing: Getting Granular

podcast cover - value of bing
In this episode, Jordon Meyer (founder) and Steve Kroll (VP) of Granular® talk about the value of Bing and how it impacts businesses looking to grow using Bing Ads.


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The Perfect PPC Manager: Getting Granular

mike fleming ppc granular
In this episode, Mike Flemming (Sr. PPC Manager) and Matt Freter (Marketing Manager) of Granular® talk about the key traits of a good PPC manager.


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Geofencing: Getting Granular

podcast cover - geofencing
In this episode, Jordon Meyer (founder) and Steve Kroll (VP) of Granular® talk about the the myth, the truth, the legend…GEOFENCING! Lot’s of fun had here.


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PPC Origins – Jason Stinnett

podcast cover - Jason Stinnett
This episode is the first of a series of interviews in which Matt Freter, Marketing Operations Manager at Granular, shines the spotlight on the members of the Granular team.


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Leadership Series: FreshFin Poke, Nate Arkush

getting granular podcast
In this episode, Steve Kroll (VP) of Granular sits down with Nate Arkush, the Co-founder of FreshFin Poké. FreshFin is a fast-casual restaurant based in Milwaukee.


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PPC Origins: Chris Cesar

getting granular podcast
Getting Granular turns the spotlight on Chris Cesar, one of Granular’s Paid Search Managers. Chris brings a unique perspective as he has experience working with both B2B and B2C clients.


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Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts: Getting Granular

getting granular podcast
Facebook ads come front and center as Jordon and Anna discuss the difference between boosting Facebook posts and running Facebook ads. They dispel many of the myths behind boosting Facebook posts and what any business owner or marketer should really know about running Facebook ads.

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PPC Origins – MacKenzie Krantz

getting granular podcast
In this episode, MacKenzie Krantz shares her story on how she started working in PPC and how she made her way to Granular. MacKenzie is PPC veteran that loves to travel and hang out with her dog Lucy. Listen and get to know more about the Granular team!

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Why B2B Companies Need A Paid Social Media Strategy

getting granular podcast
Social Media and B2B marketing are the stars of this episode. Steve Kroll (VP) and Mike Fleming (Sr. Manager, Paid Media) discuss why it’s important for B2B companies to have a paid social media strategy in place. They talk about best practices and how to get started designing a strategy for B2B marketing plans.

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PPC Origins: Ian Segovia

getting granular podcast
Ian Segovia of Team Granular jumps into the recording booth to share his background in digital marketing and how that led him to specialize in paid search. Ian also dishes on his thoughts on the landscape of paid media and how it’s progressed over the years. We also chat about his particular areas of focus and how he landed at Granular.

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PPC Origins: Jeremy Packee

getting granular podcast
In this episode, we meet Jeremy, a paid search manager here at Granular. We chat with Jeremy about his background in PPC, his frozen yogurt business, the NBA, and of course digital media. Listen and get to know Jeremy.

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