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  • competitor boxing

    Targeting Your Competitors with PPC

    I recently had a conversation with a client about expanding their reach and going after their competitors with paid search. Initially they weren’t sure about this because they were afraid the competition would start targeting their name in retaliation. The funny part was their competitors were already targeting them and we could prove it. Google gives advertisers […]

  • automated ad extensions blog

    Types of Automated Ad Extensions

    In October 2013, AdWords came out and clearly talked about how ad extensions have a direct effect on ad rank. This was an immediate call-to-action for PPC marketers to start adding as many extensions as possible. What makes this process a little more difficult is that Google doesn’t give us the ability to manually set up […]

  • google rlsa

    RLSA Campaign Targeting and Bidding Options in AdWords

    RLSA campaigns, or remarketing lists for search ads, is a unique way to get your ads back in front of previous visitors. For example let’s say someone visited your website and left because they weren’t ready to convert at that moment. If you have the remarketing code set up on you site, you will have the visitor […]

  • fred flintstone locked out of house

    Are You Getting Full Value with Your PPC Budget?

    Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, every marketing dollar is precious. It is always important to be on top of how your marketing budget is being spent to make sure you’re getting the most value. So how do you know if you’re not getting full value for your PPC marketing budget? We’ll go […]

  • landing page pop up

    Why Your Landing Pages May Not Be Working

    Whether you’re involved with PPC, SEO, email marketing or social media, the landing page can make or break the odds of a campaign succeeding. You can drive a lot of traffic, but if your landing page doesn’t convert then what’s the point? A 25% CTR and 400% traffic increase doesn’t look great if the return […]

  • dora boots and map

    Stop Ignoring Google Maps

    If you own a restaurant, store, or any business requiring foot traffic for survival, then most likely people are finding you on Google Maps. Google Maps offers much more than giving directions. If you value digital marketing for your local business, then Google Maps must be a part of your strategy. Here’s why. Local Results Are Showing […]

  • twitter analytics for ppc

    Using Twitter Analytics for PPC Benefits

    On May 27, 2015 Twitter Advertising updated their analytics to Audience Insights. The goal was “to help advertisers understand key audiences on Twitter.” Well not only does Twitter Analytics help your paid social efforts, but it also can give you some ideas (with data) on how to improve your PPC campaigns as well. Let’s look at […]

  • marketing bundle

    Don’t Get Bundled in Digital Marketing

    “Yeah, we can do that too”. Famous last words of the once-focused agency. Too many agencies and marketing contractors go the way of the cable companies, bundling their clients into massive contracts offering multiple services for one large fee. Marketing your company should be no different that your personal life. Do you LOVE your bundled […]

  • ecommerce consulting milwaukee

    Quantitative Staffing for eCommerce Seasonality

    As the seasons change, so do the needs of eCommerce businesses. Many of our clients have seasonal peaks and valleys in their website traffic and overall online revenue. The Granular team has managed paid search during “holiday hell week” at Best Buy and Target, so we know a little something about eCommerce seasonality. To match […]

  • Increasing User Engagement with A/B Testing

    Improving user experience is one of the many factors taken into account when working on conversion rate optimization (CRO). CRO is a necessity when driving PPC traffic to any website. Why? Because so much is on the line when you pay for traffic. By using CRO, you are often able to improve efficiency and stretch […]

  • google partner badge

    Why Google AdWords Certifications Matter

    Google has offered some type of AdWords certification since around 2010. It has been through a few name changes and rule changes, but it continues to be a fundamental element of adding trust for clients and showing that PPC experts are indeed what they claim to be. Trusting a PPC pro with your marketing budget […]