First click, linear, time decay and position-based attribution models are going away

Apr 06, 2023

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04/06/23 - Granular

Granular analysis and first look

Google is discontinuing the use of all other attribution models in Google Ads and Google Analytics 4, necessitating the transition to Data-Driven attribution, which better harnesses Google’s AI to assign more value at the various stages of the customer journey. It is now the default model due to its flexibility and improved performance outcomes.

Why this matters?

  • Improved Performance: Data-Driven attribution combined with auto bidding enhances campaign performance by accurately assessing the contribution of each touchpoint.
  • Adaptability: Unlike rules-based models, Data-Driven attribution adapts to evolving consumer journeys, which is especially important with cookies becoming increasingly devalued.
  • Industry Shift: The transition reflects the industry trend towards utilizing AI in all facets of marketing.

Next Steps/Action Items

  • Review Your Performance: Your campaigns are now fully utilizing Data-Driven attribution, review how this change has impacted your campaigns and compare performance year-over-year, noting any major fluctuations.
  • Monitor Reporting Changes: Stay informed about the removal of rules-based models from Google Ads reporting and adjust your analysis methods accordingly.

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