Maximize views for your budget with Video View Campaigns on YouTube, now globally available

Sep 28, 2023

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09/28/23 - Granular

Granular analysis and first look

Google globally launched Video View Campaigns (VVC) on September 28th, 2023, enabling advertisers to maximize views across YouTube’s various video formats. VVC uses Google AI to deliver the best-performing creatives to audiences, driving brand consideration efficiently and effectively.

Fluidly serve across Skippable In-Stream, In-feed, and Shorts

Why this matters?

  • Increased Views: VVC campaigns deliver up to 40% more views compared to traditional in-stream skippable CPV campaigns.
  • Cost Efficiency: VVC achieves a 30% lower cost-per-view, providing significant cost savings for advertisers.
  • Enhanced Engagement: By leveraging multiple ad formats, VVC helps brands create meaningful connections with viewers, boosting interest and intent.

Next Steps/Action Items

  • Implement VVC: Start using Video View Campaigns to take advantage of the increased viewership and cost efficiency.
  • Leverage Google AI: Utilize the power of Google AI to optimize ad delivery and performance across all video formats.
  • Monitor and Optimize: Continuously track campaign performance and make data-driven adjustments to maximize engagement and reach.

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