Introducing Brand Recommendations in Google Ads

Jun 06, 2024

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06/06/24 - Granular

Granular analysis and first look

Google Ads has launched AI-powered Brand Recommendations to enhance both awareness and consideration campaigns. This new feature is part of the Recommendations page, helping advertisers optimize campaigns with tailored suggestions.

  • Introduction:
    • Brand Recommendations are now live in Google Ads.
    • They apply to CPM and CPV campaigns.
    • They complement existing performance recommendations.
  • Functionality:
    • Analyze account history, campaign settings, and trends.
    • Provide up-to-date best practices.
    • Customized and frequently updated recommendations.
  • Categories of Recommendations:
    • Ads and Assets:
      • Refine ads and create new ones.
      • Example: Add bumper ads, include video aspect ratio.
    • Bidding and Budgets:
      • Find the right bid strategy and manage budgets.
      • Example: Adjust CPM and CPV budgets, tCPM bids.
    • Keywords and Targeting:
      • Reach new audiences.
      • Example: Opt-in to audience expansion, new ad groups without contextual targeting.
    • Measurement:
      • Enhance reporting features.
      • Example: Link YouTube account in Google Ads.
  • How to Get Started:
    • Access Brand Recommendations via your Google Ads account.
    • Check active CPM or CPV campaigns for recommendations.

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