Completing the Transition to a New Google Ads Design

May 30, 2024

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05/30/24 - Granular

Granular analysis and first look

Google Ads is transitioning to a new design to enhance user experience by improving organization and accessibility. This change aims to simplify navigation and streamline the advertising process, benefiting both new and experienced users. Effective August 30, 2024, the old design will be discontinued, and only the new design will be available on desktop.

  • Launch and Feedback
    • New design launched in 2023
    • Feedback indicated a preference for the new design
  • Rollout Plan
    • New design becomes standard on August 30, 2024
    • Old design will be sunset
  • Design Features
    • Main Menu Categories:
      • Campaigns: Analyze, optimize, and manage campaigns
      • Goals: Define, monitor, and update conversion goals
      • Tools: Access planning, bidding, troubleshooting, asset library, audience management
      • Billing: Monitor spend and payments
      • Admin: Manage team, security, and account settings
    • Search Bar: Quick access to tools and features
  • Benefits
    • Improved organization and ease of use
    • Better experience for both new and experienced advertisers
Screenshot of the Overview UI
New design for Google Ads serving account

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