Get ready to upgrade your Discovery ads to Demand Gen

Aug 15, 2023

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08/15/23 - Granular

Granular analysis and first look

Google introduces Demand Gen, an AI-powered campaign to enhance Discovery ads. Demand Gen aims to drive demand with immersive, visual creatives and optimize performance across YouTube, Discover, and Gmail. The transition will begin in October, with automatic upgrades for all Discovery campaigns by early 2024.

A screenshot showing the user experience of Demand Gen ad creation flow in Google Ads
A gif showing the user experience of creating lookalike audiences in Google Ads.
A gif showing creative previews across multiple placements in Google Ads.
 An animated GIF that shows the upcoming milestones for Discovery ads upgrade.
An infographic showcasing the new features in Demand Gen.
Posted by Tobias Maurer, Group Product Manager, Demand Gen campaigns

Why this matters?

  • Enhanced Creativity: Demand Gen integrates various ad formats, including videos, carousels, and images, within a single campaign to engage audiences effectively.
  • Advanced Targeting: Lookalike segments utilize first-party data and Google’s audience signals to find new, similar customers.
  • Optimized Performance: Demand Gen allows optimization for conversions, value-based bidding, and site visits, providing more control over campaign goals.

Next Steps/Action Items

  • Sign Up for Beta: Enroll in the Demand Gen beta to access new features and start upgrading Discovery campaigns.
  • Leverage New Features: Utilize video and image ads, lookalike segments, and advanced bidding strategies to enhance campaign performance.
  • Monitor Transition: Prepare for the automatic upgrade of all Discovery campaigns by early 2024, ensuring a smooth transition with retained historical data.

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