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Jumpstart Your Ad Copy in 2023

For more than a decade, I’ve been crafting ad copy for Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads, and I often struggle to find a solid starting point. Tired of constantly starting from square one, I came up with an easy-to-follow list of idea generators that would spark good ad creative ideas and eliminate those moments of[…]

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Artificial Intelligence

5 Things You Need to Know Before Using Artificial Intelligence for Ad Copy

AI chatbots, such as Chat GPT and deep learning image models like DALL-E, have recently created a lot of hype surrounding artificial intelligence services online. I believe these are game-changing tools that will alter how we live and work, but it’s essential to consider the potential downsides before using AI for your company or product.[…]

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Duplicate Snapchat Ads The Easy Way!

I love Snapchat as an ads platform, but I’ve always been annoyed and slightly confused about the “clone” feature. Cloning is useful if you want to reuse everything exactly as it is, such as if you want to move unchanged assets across campaigns or ad sets. But, it does not work if you simply want[…]

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amazon coupons and deals

Increase Conversions With Amazon Coupons, Deals and Promotions

If you sell products or run ads on Amazon you’ll quickly notice it’s hard to stand out in this busy marketplace. Luckily, there are a few ways to boost sales and conversion rates while decreasing inventory. The best and most popular options are Coupons, Deals, Promotions, and Prime Exclusive Discounts. Coupons Coupons are the most[…]

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"Why your business needs to pay attention to blended ROAS (MER)"

Why Your Business Needs to Pay Attention to Blended ROAS (MER)

With the rise of user privacy, conversion tracking ain’t what it used to be! As most advertisers know by now, you need users’ permission to track on Apple devices running IOS14.5+. This is causing a noticeable decrease in attributed conversions to most digital advertising efforts including all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter,[…]

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YouTube Video Sequence Ads

Why Your Business Needs to be Testing YouTube Video Ad Sequences

Where can you Learn How To Kickflip In 5 Minutes, take a seat in a Harvard MBA classroom, or even make a Disney Princess Cake all in the same place? YouTube! And, guess what? In 2021 the amount of opportunity to reach audiences when they are watching or searching for videos on YouTube is essentially[…]

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Why Google’s Responsive Ad Strength Tool Is An Idea Factory

Why Google’s Responsive Ad Strength Tool Is An Idea Factory I have no doubt, one of the most challenging parts of digital marketing is creating quality search ad copy that both stands out from the competition and motivates searchers to click. Not only do you have to know the product/service, offer, and company well to[…]

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Micheal Jordan's return

3 Simple Things Michael Jordan’s Return Can Teach Facebook Marketers

  On March 18, 1995 Michael Jordan shocked the world when he faxed the simple and effective press release: “I’m back.” This went viral, before viral was a thing, and perfectly got the message across that he was setting down his baseball bat and rejoining the NBA. The success and simplicity of “I’m back” is[…]

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Checklist for Google and Facebook Ads

The Ultimate Google and Facebook Ads Checklist to not Botch Your Campaign Launch

If you work in digital marketing and create campaigns for Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc, you know that you can never check your work enough before launching campaigns. The worst feeling ever is thinking you may have forgotten to set your budgets or that you accidentally targeted the entire United States when you only meant to[…]

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How to use Gmail Ads for Restaurants

Do Google Gmail Ads Work for Restaurants?

Do Google Gmail Ads Work for Restaurants? Most restaurants I’ve worked with seem to have tried Google Search Ads at some point, and although Search can be successful, common questions I hear are “what else can we do on Google?” and “how do we get new customers?” Surprisingly, I have found that most brands have[…]

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