The Ultimate Google and Facebook Ads Checklist to not Botch Your Campaign Launch

If you work in digital marketing and create campaigns for Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc, you know that you can never check your work enough before launching campaigns. The worst feeling ever is thinking you may have forgotten to set your budgets or that you accidentally targeted the entire United States when you only meant to target Chicago. Not auditing your own work can lead to disastrous results, and I want to prevent that from happening to you, so I’ve created a simple checklist of the most important settings to double-check.

checklist for campaign launch

Please keep in mind that some settings are slightly different between ad networks and that you should remember to check things at the ad group, ad set, ad, and keyword level if applicable. My advice is to print this guide out and have it handy somewhere next to your desk for your next campaign build — I hope it prevents you from making any mistakes!

If you would like the pros to handle all of this work for you, please reach out to Granular Marketing!