Navigating the Post-Cookie Landscape: Strategies and Insights | Granular Webinar

In the latest installment of the Granular Webinar Series, we delve into the imminent shift away from traditional cookie-based tracking. This comprehensive session is designed to arm marketers, advertisers, and businesses with the knowledge and strategies necessary to adapt and flourish in the cookie-free world.

Jordon Meyer, the Founder and CEO of Granular, together with Steve Kroll, the President and Partner, and Chris Hofmann, the Vice President of Performance Marketing, will present practical strategies and innovative methods for measurement, analytics, and tailored marketing in a post-cookie landscape.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How 3PCD will impact targeting and measurement
  • Why “Durable” is the watchword of 2024
  • How to develop a gameplan for the post-cookie era

Whether you’re looking to understand the implications for your current campaigns, explore new methods for audience engagement, or stay ahead of industry trends, this webinar is your gateway to mastering the post-cookie landscape. Watch below to future-proof your marketing strategies and continue driving success!

Watch the Webinar

Webinar Sections:

Meet the Hosts:

Jordon Meyer
Founder & CEO

Steve Kroll
President & Partner

Chris Hofmann
Vice President of Performance Marketing


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