How To Move A Personal Ad Account Into Facebook Business Manager

At Granular we believe it is critical for companies to own their own digital ad accounts but every so often we come across a client whose Facebook Ads Manager account was set up under an employee’s personal ad account instead of under the business. This can become a real pain…especially if the employee no longer works for the company or if your company is at the point where you want to request to pay via invoice.

Watch the video below as I go over the steps you need to take in order to pull a personal ad account under your Business Manager on Facebook. I also go over the reasons why I think your company should also create an Ads Manager under your business moving forward.

A couple of things to keep in mind before you watch:

  • If the ad account is already owned by another Ads Manager, it will need to be removed before being able to be picked up by another Business Manager.
  • It is not possible to turn a personal ad account into a business ad account. These steps only allow you to pull it under your Business Manager so multiple people in your business/partnered agency can work on it
  • I do recommend if you have a personal ad account you pull it under your Business Manager, but then start a new ad account under the business.

Step 1: Have the person who owns the ad account login to
Step 2: Get the Ad Account ID for the personal ad account you are trying to use
Step 3: Go under the Business Manager settings you would like to move it to
Step 4: Go to Ad Accounts and click “Add an Ad Account” and add the Ad Account ID you are claiming ownership of
Step 5 (optional): Start a new ads account that your business owns moving forward