Granimals: Meet the Pets of Granular

Josie the “Josie Breed”

Josie lives in Nashville with Granular Senior Manager of Paid Media, Mac Kurth and his wife, Celia. When Josie was a puppy, Lucky Mutts Rescue brought her to Wisconsin from Oklahoma where Celia and Mac adopted her when she was 4 months old.

Mac works remotely for Granular from Nashville while Josie sleeps on the couch. Josie has Mac very well trained that lunchtime is for walkies and 5 pm is for playtime. Every day she takes a break from her couch nap to remind Mac of his duties.

Just like Oscar Meyer the Wiener Dog, Josie was there for her parents’ engagement. Mac, Celia, Suzie (Josie’s doggy sister at the time) and Josie were camping at New Glarus State Park, where Josie took a knee with Mac when he proposed.

About Josie

Breed: “Josie breed”, she’s a one-of-a-kind mutt.

Siblings: Pancake, the neighborhood cat who is determined to be part of Josie’s family whether she likes it or not. Mac and Celia have officially taken Pancake in and, within a week, they discovered that Pancake was pregnant. She has since had four kittens who Josie has also taken under her wing.

Favorite food: Whatever her humans are eating. If her humans dare to leave home without her, she rebels by stealing treats. When Mac and Celia return home and scold her, Josie puts herself in time out, sitting in the corner, staring at the wall.

Favorite human: Mac until anyone else comes over to the house and she abandons immediately for a new best friend.

Photo by Aaron Redlich

Favorite toy: Josie looooves a good stick and will always choose a stick over any of her toys.

If Josie were a human, who would play her in the movie about her life?: Anna Kendrick. Josie is also small, energetic, and quipy. 

If Josie was a PPC expert, what would she specialize in?: Automation, that PPC stuff would really cut into her naps.

If Josie were a superhero, what would her superpower be?: Super speed, Josie is a force to be reckoned with when she gets the zoomies.

Theme song: The song for which she was named, “Josie” by Blink-182. Mac also serenades her with Jolene by Dolly Parton but “Josie, Josie, Josie, Josieeeee”.

Josie does not have her own Instagram account but Mac’s is basically a Josie fan account. @macnzkurth

Photo by Aaron Redlich

Mae the Fetch Star

Mae belongs to me, Aislinn Poe, Senior Manager of Paid Media at Granular. I’ve had Mae since she was 4 months old and she is now almost 6 years old. 

Photo credit: Aaron Redlich

Growing up, I dreamed of the day when I could get a puppy of my own. My parents told me not to get a puppy while I was in college, that I wouldn’t have enough time to take care of one. So I waited until I graduated…one whole day. I picked up Mae the day after I got my diploma.

About Mae

Nicknames: Mae Mae (since her name is short, her nickname has to be longer), Maezer, Muffin, Crazy

Photo credit: Aaron Redlich

How did Mae get her name?: Mae is named after the band Mae (it stands for Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience) which was my favorite band from about 6th grade until college. It didn’t hurt that her name was Mabelline when I got her – named after her winged eyeliner look over her right eye.

What are some of Mae’s quirks?: When Mae was a puppy, it took her a while to figure out stairs. She would hop down with all of her legs at once rather than stepping down one paw at a time.

 Mae is also a climber, she likes to be up high to survey her surroundings. This is why she has on more than one occasion been referred to as “Goat Puppy.”

What does Mae do while you’re working from home?: Above all else, Mae plays a mean fetch. She has and will play fetch all day long if the opportunity presents itself. This means that during Zoom meetings, I will often be spotted tossing a ball out of frame. I have even strategically placed my desk next to a hallway so that Mae has space to chase the ball.

What has Mae been in trouble for before?: Herding. Mae is an Australian Cattle Dog so she was built to herd cows. In city life, this mostly translates to herding the vacuum and people riding bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, or scooters (those Lime scooters around town in the summers are her mortal enemies). 

Who is her favorite human?: Me until someone who will play fetch with her is around. Fetch is definitely the way to Mae’s heart.

Photo credit: Aaron Redlich

Does Mae have a favorite toy?: Mae tends to destroy toys rather quickly, but she has one toy, a medium-sized hollow green ball, that has been there since the day I got her. It is starting to fall apart but has somehow survived her wrath all of these years.

If Mae were a human, who would play her in the movie about her life?: I imagine Mae being portrayed by Zoe Saldana of Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek, Avatar, and one of the best ballet movies of all time, Center Stage. The mix of high intensity and focus with being goofy and lots of energy.

Mae’s catchphrase: All time is ball time.

Mae’s theme song: Eye of the Tiger but with all of the instrumental “dun”s as “Mae” instead. 

Oscar Meyer the Wiener Dog

Oscar Meyer the wiener dog belongs to Granular Founder/CEO Jordon Meyer and Agency Operations Manager Jaime Meyer. He is 12 lbs and 8 years old in dog years (48 in human years).

Oscar’s origin story: Jaime had a “one puppy” coupon (with no expiration date) from Jordon that went unredeemed for years. One day, a colleague of Jordon’s at the time mentioned they had a friend who received a puppy unexpectedly as a gift for their young toddler’s birthday and couldn’t keep it. They went to meet the puppy and fell instantly in love and Jaime was finally able to redeem that coupon! So Oscar found his way to the Meyers, and their lives were changed forever.


Oscar has been there with Jaime and Jordon for some important events in their life, including when they got engaged! It was an ordinary Saturday for the three of them. They went out to breakfast at their favorite restaurant and walked Oscar through the Peace Garden in Minneapolis. It was there, in front of a waterfall, that Jordon proposed to Jaime with Oscar there as their witness.


Who is Oscar?

In the autobiographical feature film about Oscar’s life, he would be played by Jeffrey Tambor of Arrested Development, the character for which he was named.

Photo credit: Aaron Redlich

Favorite snack: Dentistix, he gets it as an after-dinner treat and will run laps around the house after receiving one. You can’t even say “Dentistix” around Oscar without him losing his mind.

Favorite toy: Oscar is fully obsessed with his bone. Jaime and Jordon continue to buy him the same bone over and over again to keep him happy. Whenever he gets a new one, he goes crazy for it: He plays for an hour straight, he can’t calm down, he will put it under a blankie or dog bed so he can pretend that he needs to dig for it.

Quirk: Oscar will suddenly decide he is scared of a certain part of the house. The part of the house changes each time. If you throw his bone there, he will tiptoe to get it and act like he’s walking on lava.

Who is Oscar’s favorite human?: Jaime, but it’s close. Oscar, Jaime, and Jordon participated in the wiener dog race at German Fest one year, knowing he would win if Jaime stood at the other end. Sure enough, he won that day!


Sibling: Bluth

Photo credit: Aaron Redlich


If Oscar was a PPC expert, what would he specialize in?: Oscar would be a very old-school, purist PPCer who gets annoyed by all the new stuff Google throws at us. He growls at automation and RSAs.

Instagram: @oscarmeyerweeniedog

Photo credit: Aaron Redlich

About the Author

Aislinn Poe

Aislinn Poe is a Senior Manager of Paid Media at Granular and specializes in B2B and higher education lead generation, and B2C ecommerce. She holds a degree in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater where she also earned a minor degree in dance. Aislinn is certified in Google Display, Google Search, Google Video, Google Shopping, and Amazon Ads. Her special skills include paid search, display, video, and social media marketing, as well as keeping plants alive, playing fetch with her dog in small spaces, and underbaking cookies.