Granimals: Meet the Pets of Granular

Oscar Meyer the Wiener Dog

Oscar Meyer the wiener dog belongs to Granular Founder/CEO Jordon Meyer and Agency Operations Manager Jaime Meyer. He is 12 lbs and 8 years old in dog years (48 in human years).

Oscar’s origin story: Jaime had a “one puppy” coupon (with no expiration date) from Jordon that went unredeemed for years. One day, a colleague of Jordon’s at the time mentioned they had a friend who received a puppy unexpectedly as a gift for their young toddler’s birthday and couldn’t keep it. They went to meet the puppy and fell instantly in love and Jaime was finally able to redeem that coupon! So Oscar found his way to the Meyers, and their lives were changed forever.


Oscar has been there with Jaime and Jordon for some important events in their life, including when they got engaged! It was an ordinary Saturday for the three of them. They went out to breakfast at their favorite restaurant and walked Oscar through the Peace Garden in Minneapolis. It was there, in front of a waterfall, that Jordon proposed to Jaime with Oscar there as their witness.


Who is Oscar?

In the autobiographical feature film about Oscar’s life, he would be played by Jeffrey Tambor of Arrested Development, the character for which he was named.

Photo credit: Aaron Redlich

Favorite snack: Dentistix, he gets it as an after-dinner treat and will run laps around the house after receiving one. You can’t even say “Dentistix” around Oscar without him losing his mind.

Favorite toy: Oscar is fully obsessed with his bone. Jaime and Jordon continue to buy him the same bone over and over again to keep him happy. Whenever he gets a new one, he goes crazy for it: He plays for an hour straight, he can’t calm down, he will put it under a blankie or dog bed so he can pretend that he needs to dig for it.

Quirk: Oscar will suddenly decide he is scared of a certain part of the house. The part of the house changes each time. If you throw his bone there, he will tiptoe to get it and act like he’s walking on lava.

Who is Oscar’s favorite human?: Jaime, but it’s close. Oscar, Jaime, and Jordon participated in the wiener dog race at German Fest one year, knowing he would win if Jaime stood at the other end. Sure enough, he won that day!


Sibling: Bluth

Photo credit: Aaron Redlich


If Oscar was a PPC expert, what would he specialize in?: Oscar would be a very old-school, purist PPCer who gets annoyed by all the new stuff Google throws at us. He growls at automation and RSAs.

Instagram: @oscarmeyerweeniedog

Photo credit: Aaron Redlich

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