YouTube builds a better streaming experience with fewer ad breaks and expansion of Shorts

Dec 14, 2023

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12/14/23 - Granular

Granular analysis and first look

As of December 14, 2023, YouTube is enhancing its streaming experience by introducing fewer ad breaks and new features for connected TV (CTV) users. These changes aim to improve viewer satisfaction and provide advertisers with better engagement opportunities.

Why this matters?

  • Enhanced Viewer Experience: Fewer, longer ad breaks create a more seamless viewing experience, leading to longer viewing sessions.
  • Transparency in Ads: Displaying the total time remaining in ad breaks meets viewer preferences and improves the ad-watching experience.
  • Expanding Shorts Ads: Launching Shorts ads on CTVs helps brands reach a growing audience segment and integrates well with existing campaign formats.

Next Steps/Action Items

  • Leverage Shorts Ads: Incorporate Shorts ads into video reach, video view, and Shorts-specific campaigns to capitalize on the growing CTV audience.
  • Increase budget in YouTube: YouTube is by far the video platform with the most reach, best content and targeting options. Consider increasing budget here if you have a product or service conducive to video storytelling.

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