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What We See For PPC In 2023

Was 2022 really only 12 months? Some days it feels like 15 years passed in that time, Will Smith’s infamous slap feels like it happened eons ago (it was March 27 to save you a click or two). But here we are, yes, just another year older and another year wiser.  Granular saw it all:[…]

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"Granular Team Q & A: Work From Home 2 years later"

Granular Team Q&A: WFH 2 Years Later

It’s hard to believe we published this blog more than two years ago, many of us naive to the fact the pandemic would last even more than a few weeks at that point. The months passed, remote working became the standard, and we collectively learned so much about ourselves in the process. In a COVID/lockdown/quarantine[…]

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