Google Marketing Live 2023: Improve your measurement foundation to drive better business outcomes

May 23, 2023

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05/23/23 - Granular

Granular analysis and first look

Google Marketing Live 2023 introduced updates to help businesses improve measurement foundations using high-quality first-party data on May 23, 2023. Key enhancements include easier data management, advanced conversion tracking, integration of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) audiences, and privacy-preserving technologies.

Why this matters?

  • Enhanced Data Management: Streamlined processes for onboarding and managing first-party data improve accuracy and efficiency.
  • Advanced Conversion Tracking: New tools for setting up enhanced conversions and importing fractional conversion credits ensure more accurate and privacy-centric measurement.
  • Optimized Campaign Performance: Offline conversion adjustments and Smart Bidding enhancements drive higher ROI by reflecting the true value of each conversion.

Next Steps/Action Items

  • Streamline Data Management: Utilize new tools to seamlessly and securely connect data sources in Google Ads, enhancing measurement accuracy.
  • Set Up Enhanced Conversions: Implement enhanced conversions across accounts and use Customer Match to activate first-party data effectively.
  • Integrate GA4 Audiences: Build and use predictive audiences from GA4 directly within Google Ads to improve targeting and conversion rates.
  • Utilize Offline Conversion Adjustments: Update conversion values up to 7 days after recording to optimize Smart Bidding based on true business value.
  • Adopt Privacy-Preserving Technologies: Start using privacy-safe audience and measurement solutions to prepare for a future without third-party cookies.

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