Capture sales this spring shopping season and engage shoppers with AR & VR features

Feb 28, 2024

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02/28/24 - Granular

Granular analysis and first look

Utilize AR and VR tools to enhance the online shopping experience, reduce return rates and increase customer engagement. Google has rolled out AR tools and best practices for leveraging these technologies in marketing campaigns.

  • Introduction: AR and VR can reduce return rates and boost shopper confidence.
    • 55% of online apparel shoppers have returned items due to mismatched expectations.
  • Spring Shopping Season:
    • Influencer-curated editorial content features trending products.
    • AR and VR tools for beauty, apparel, home decor, and footwear.
    • Key features: AR try-on, style filters, and fast shipping options.
  • AR Beauty Tools:
    • Virtual try-ons for beauty products increases shopper confidence.
    • AR beauty ads capture and engage shoppers.
    • Partner with data providers like Perfect Corp. and PulpoAR for AR assets.
  • AR Apparel Tools:
    • Virtual try-ons for apparel shows clothes on different body types.
    • Brands with high-quality imagery are automatically opted in.
  • 3D Images and AR:
    • 3D visuals for products like sneakers and furniture increase engagement by 50%.
    • 360 spins can be generated from high-resolution 2D images.
  • Product Studio:
    • AI-powered tools for creating high-quality product images.
    • Available through Merchant Center Next and Google & YouTube app on Shopify.
  • Ad Campaigns and Insights:
    • Use AI-powered campaigns to capture seasonal demand and maximize ROI.
    • Performance Max for store goals to drive in-store traffic and increase sales.
    • Smart bidding for omnichannel optimization.
    • Local inventory ads and fulfillment options to cater to local shoppers.
  • Seasonal Trends and Deals:
    • Analyze seasonal trends with Ads Insights for budget and bidding strategies.
    • Best sellers report in Merchant Center for product assortment insights.
    • Attract deal-seekers with promotions and sale prices in product feeds.
Examples of lipstick and clothes that can be tried on with AR
Lipstick being tried on with AR
AR Beauty virtual try on experience in Search
Apparel of different sizes that can be tried on
Apparel virtual try-on in Search
Shoes with the button "View in your space"
3D Image models available for shoes and home goods products in Search
Google search for "chairs"
3D Image models available for shoes and home goods products in Search

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