What’s new in Performance Max campaigns

Feb 23, 2023

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02/23/23 - Granular

Granular analysis and first look

Google has introduced several new features and enhancements to Performance Max campaigns on February 23, 2023 to help advertisers optimize their ad performance across all Google channels. These updates include account-level negative keywords, campaign-level brand exclusions, page feeds, experiments, and new tools for video creation and reporting.

Table with text: Search + Performance Max multiplies results and ROI across Google Ads
Search and Performance Max are the Ads Power Pairing. Photo Credit: Google.
Screenshot of brand exclusions in the Google Ads UI
Exclude brand terms from Performance Max campaigns. Photo Credit: Google.
Screenshot of page feeds in the Google Ads UI
Add page feeds to your Performance Max campaign to help AI understand which URLs are most important or to specify which URLs to match to. Photo Credit: Google.

Why this matters?

  • Enhanced Control: Advertisers can now use account-level negative keywords and campaign-level brand exclusions to maintain brand suitability and exclude unwanted traffic.
  • Improved Optimization: Page feeds and the new video creation tool help advertisers better guide AI and create high-quality video assets, enhancing campaign performance.
  • Accurate Measurement: New experiment features and detailed asset group reporting allow advertisers to measure incremental conversion uplift and understand the impact of their campaigns more precisely.

Next Steps/Action Items

  • Utilize Account-Level Negative Keywords: Add negative keywords at the account level to exclude unwanted traffic across all campaigns.
  • Set Up Campaign-Level Brand Exclusions: Control which brands your campaigns match to and exclude specific brands as needed.
  • Leverage Page Feeds: Upload page feeds to refine results and guide Google’s AI to prioritize important URLs.
  • Experiment and Measure: Use experiments to test the impact of Performance Max campaigns on conversion uplift and make data-driven decisions.
  • Enhance Video Assets: Use the video creation tool to produce high-quality video content in multiple formats and upload relevant assets.
  • Monitor Asset Group Performance: Utilize asset group reporting to understand the contribution of each group to overall campaign performance.
  • Optimize Budgets: Use budget pacing insights to uncover opportunities to optimize budget utilization and drive more conversions.

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