A new way to buy reservation ads in Google Ads

Dec 18, 2023

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12/18/23 - Granular

Granular analysis and first look

On December 18, 2023 Google launched new self-service buying options for YouTube ads through Google Ads. This includes various reservation media products, allowing advertisers to plan, buy, and measure campaigns with greater ease and flexibility.

Photo Credit: Google

Why this matters?

  • YouTube Select Lineups: Easier setup for premium content lineups.
  • YouTube TV Lineups: Access to reserved TV inventory on YouTube.
  • Masthead Ads: Cost-Per-Impression (CPM) masthead ads now available for self-service.
  • Run of YouTube Reservation: Simplified process for standard YouTube reservations.
  • Self-Service Setup: New options for setting up and managing YouTube ad reservations in Google Ads.
  • Advanced Audiences: Use of advanced audience targeting alongside traditional reservation methods.
  • UI Enhancements: User interface improvements in Google Ads for selecting reservation objectives.

Next Steps/Action Items

  • Utilize Self-Service Tools: Start using the new self-service setup options for YouTube ad reservations.
  • Leverage Advanced Targeting: Incorporate advanced audience features in your reservation campaigns.
  • Monitor Availability: Check local market availability for new YouTube ad products and features.

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