Information on Google Ads buying behavior on apps

Dec 14, 2023

Impact Rating

12/14/23 - Granular

Granular analysis and first look

Effective January 2024, Google Ads is shifting towards real-time bidding auctions for apps, discontinuing support for multicall requests without bidding ad units. This move aims to enhance the value provided to advertisers and ensure fair bidding practices.

Why this matters?

  • Improved Ad Value: Real-time bidding provides more accurate and competitive ad placements, ensuring better value for advertisers.
  • Fair Bidding Practices: Monitoring and preventing multicall behavior ensures a level playing field for all advertisers.
  • Compliance and Enforcement: Google Ads will actively detect and penalize publishers attempting to evade multicall detection, promoting transparency and trust.

Next Steps/Action Items

  • Transition to Real-Time Bidding: Publishers should ensure their ad setups include bidding ad units to continue receiving Google Ads traffic.
  • Avoid Misrepresentation: Adhere to honest ad unit practices to prevent penalties and maintain Google Ads support.
  • Monitor Compliance: Stay updated with Google Ads policies and ensure all ad practices comply with the new regulations to avoid disruptions.

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