Maximize your awareness with more formats now available in Video Reach Campaigns

Dec 12, 2023

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12/12/23 - Granular

Granular analysis and first look

As of December 12th, 2023, Google Ads expands Video Reach Campaigns (VRC) to include in-feed and Shorts ads alongside in-stream ads. This multi-format approach, powered by Google AI, aims to maximize reach and efficiency for advertisers on YouTube.

Photo Credit: Google

Why this matters?

  • Expanded Reach: Incorporating in-feed and Shorts ads increases the potential to connect with a broader audience.
  • Cost Efficiency: Multi-format campaigns have demonstrated significant cost savings, with up to 42% lower CPM compared to in-stream-only campaigns.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Utilizing various ad formats allows brands to engage viewers in different contexts, improving overall campaign effectiveness.

Next Steps/Action Items

  • Adopt Multi-Format Campaigns: Integrate in-feed and Shorts ads into your Video Reach Campaigns to leverage the expanded reach and efficiency.
  • Monitor Performance: Conduct head-to-head tests to measure the incremental value and optimize your ad strategy.
  • Leverage Google AI: Utilize Google AI to enhance targeting and campaign performance across multiple ad formats.

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