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Technology consulting and auditing firm increases B2B conversion rate and lead volume through PPC management and CRO.


Granular exceeded goals for a Midwest-based consulting company that specializes in various SOC audits, readiness assessments, CPA services, and other technical auditing services. Assure Professional’s marketing goal is to drive high-quality leads that can benefit from their specialized services.

The Opportunity:

As the company’s services are for a very specific audience, they were in need of a digital advertising partner that could understand their business, their place in the market, and their audience. The goal was to execute targeted campaigns that did not waste budget on irrelevant audiences or keywords.

Granular took over the management of Assure’s Google Ads account and began crafting highly targeted campaigns. While the campaigns were driving quality traffic to the website, initial conversions were not meeting our target goals. Granular then designed a conversion rate optimization (CRO) plan to increase conversions and reduce unqualified leads from the website.

Granular’s Solution:

In an effort to increase conversions, Granular’s solution was to focus on crafting landing pages with less “friction” making it easy for users to convert. Multiple landing pages were designed to A/B test their effectiveness.

With statistical significance, we were able to prove that a clean and straightforward design converted at a higher rate, with higher quality form submissions.