Introducing the In-House PPC Blog Series

in-house ppc blog series

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At Granular, we try to share as much useful information about the PPC world as we can. It’s a passion that we’re proud to have, but we acknowledge our views are just one perspective. PPC advertisers at agencies typically work with several clients that can expand across a variety of industries. We’re not used to working on one client, 40 hours a week/52 weeks in a year like our in-house counterparts. It’s time to hear from the other side and see things from a different light.

Granular is reaching out to our friends across the country (and some around the globe) to hear the in-house perspective. Our goal with the in-house PPC blog series is to hear from various marketers who will share opinions on the advantages, disadvantages, likes and dislikes of working in-house. From our initial lineup, we can already see differences on how in-house PPC teams go about their jobs compared to how we function as an agency.

We’re excited to bring this new wave of information to our readers, and we hope to add a new post once a month. Now to answer a few questions you might have…

When Is the Series Starting?

  • Our first post will be launching early next week on the Granular Blog.

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