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Granimals: Meet the Pets of Granular

Millie the Girl in the Big City Millie lives right here in Milwaukee with Senior Manager of Paid Media, Mike Schuerman and his wife, Liz. Mike and Liz got Millie from the suburbs of Milwaukee when she was just a puppy. They had recently “dog-sat” for a family friend and fell in love with their[…]

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Six Conversation Starters Better Than The Weather

As an extrovert, I never found it challenging to make small talk before meetings. In fact, I actually enjoyed it and found it very valuable in making connections with others. That however all changed when the majority of my meetings shifted online, and I found myself starting almost every meeting with the same exact conversation:[…]

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How Brands Leverage Digital Advertising To Give Their 2023 Super Bowl Ad Extra Yards

I enjoy watching football and consider myself semi-knowledgeable about the sport (cough cough, 2021 Granular Fantasy Football Champion talking here) but I couldn’t have cared less who won the Super Bowl this year. So, if you’re anything like me, you watched the Super Bowl for one or all of these three reasons: #1 – The[…]

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google sheets featured

Google Sheets: An Apology

For too long, I disregarded Google Sheets as a poor man’s Excel. I’d grown up with excel – from making tables in 5th grade to learning advanced linear programming in my Supply Chain degree courses. Google Sheets didn’t have the processing power, the features, the familiarity. And in some respects, it still doesn’t. There’s no[…]

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Gallery Night and Day Event at Granular

Gallery Night and Day in Milwaukee is back, and Granular is happy to be a part of the fun for the first time. If you’re not familiar with the event, participants can enjoy “an evening of gallery hopping and art viewing beginning Friday, January 20 and continuing during the day on Saturday, January 21.” Not only do[…]

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