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Granular’s Girl Scout Cookie Pairing Guide

What do you do when the office impulse buys hundreds of cookies from a local Girl Scout?  Throw a cookie and beer pairing happy hour, of course!  And, since we’re data nerds, you can bet we polled our participants and made charts and graphs based on the results, all of which are posted within this[…]

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Granimals: Meet the Pets of Granular

Millie the Girl in the Big City Millie lives right here in Milwaukee with Senior Manager of Paid Media, Mike Schuerman and his wife, Liz. Mike and Liz got Millie from the suburbs of Milwaukee when she was just a puppy. They had recently “dog-sat” for a family friend and fell in love with their[…]

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Six Conversation Starters Better Than The Weather

As an extrovert, I never found it challenging to make small talk before meetings. In fact, I actually enjoyed it and found it very valuable in making connections with others. That however all changed when the majority of my meetings shifted online, and I found myself starting almost every meeting with the same exact conversation:[…]

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Getting Global: MacKenzie’s Slovenian Sabbatical

As an avid travel enthusiast, one of the benefits I was most excited about when I started at Granular was the 1 month-paid sabbatical earned after 3 years with the company. I was so excited to finally earn my sabbatical in early 2020, so you can imagine my disappointment when traveling had almost completely stopped.[…]

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How Scale Modeling Made Me a Better Marketer

It’s no secret that having and holding onto hobbies can bring an insane amount of joy and fulfillment, albeit sometimes with stress. Hobbies allow you to unlock your creative potential, with the skills and creativity you bring to your hobbies helping you in other areas of your life. Scale modeling, at least in hobby terms,[…]

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What We See For PPC In 2023

Granular’s Top PPC Predictions for 2023 Anna – eCommerce & Programmatic Advertising: I’m looking forward to seeing how much OTT/CTV advertising grows in the next year. We’ve already seen massive growth in the space since 2020, and with more people expanding their paid subscriptions to platforms like Netflix, I am excited to test out more[…]

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"Granular Team Q & A: Work From Home 2 years later"

Granular Team Q&A: WFH 2 Years Later

It’s hard to believe we published this blog more than two years ago, many of us naive to the fact the pandemic would last even more than a few weeks at that point. The months passed, remote working became the standard, and we collectively learned so much about ourselves in the process. In a COVID/lockdown/quarantine[…]

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Maintaining culture through pandemic

Maintaining Culture Through a Pandemic

Employee perks don’t make you one of the best agencies in town, but they sure do help make work seem a little less of a drag. These extras have always been a focus for me at Granular. Having worked for other agencies and in-house I mentally bookmarked everything I wished they offered me when I[…]

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How To Organize Your Tasks For Maximum Productivity

In the field of analytics, the great Avinash Kaushik has said “data in aggregate is crap.” Why did he say this? Because when you aggregate numbers, things become blurry. To say your website got a million visits last month might mean something to you, but breaking it down into how that is spread out among[…]

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Be More Productive: How To Deal With Everything On Your Plate

One of the biggest hindrances to productivity is how we feel at any given time. We’ve all said it – “I don’t feel like doing anything today” or “I don’t feel like going to work.” And it’s true, we all need time blocked off to do nothing or do only what we enjoy. But sometimes[…]

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