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four easy steps for communication between agency and client

Four Easy Steps for Successful Communication Between an Agency & Client

Successful communication is a skill that can be hard to learn and harder to teach but is extremely valuable. Good communication between two parties can help make tough situations easier and good situations great. This is especially important when communicating between an agency, like Granular, and a client. Both parties have different backgrounds and different levels of knowledge of digital advertising and the client’s business.

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"A simple guide to setting up a snapchat business manager"

A Simple Guide to Setting Up a Snapchat Business Manager

Snapchat Ads now offers a business manager akin to what you’re used to in other large ad platforms. This enables an advertising agency to seamlessly link multiple client ad accounts. Here we’ll break down the steps to set up your agency Business Manager, as well as how to link client ad accounts. Creating a New[…]

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"If Facebook Ad campaigns were a sandwich, here's how to make the perfect one"

If Facebook Ad Campaigns Were A Sandwich, Here’s How to Make The Perfect One

I think we can all appreciate a good sandwich. A well designed sandwich can make your whole day. Good bread, quality meat and cheese and just the right amount of sauces and special toppings. My favorite this time of year is a thick cut turkey on toasted whole grain bread with a slice of sharp[…]

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Drive Online Revenue

6 Ways To Drive More Online Revenue Using Your Customer Data

As a business, one of the most valuable things you have is your customer data. There are several different ways you can utilize your customer data in digital marketing to both re-engage current customers and find new customers. First, let’s talk about the type of customer data you will need and how you can collect[…]

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Own Digital Ad Accounts

Why It’s Critical For Companies To Own Their Digital Ad Accounts

Recently, I got a new client and ran into a major obstacle in the onboarding process that left both the client and I frustrated. Not only that, it delayed launching new campaigns and made not only the onboarding process more difficult, but all management for the ad accounts moving forward more complicated. As a standard[…]

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