Use Google Trusted Store as an AdWords Review

Are you an eCommerce business owner or have a PPC client that is a Google Trusted Store? You can now add the benefit of being a trusted store to your Review Extensions in AdWords! More ad real estate is ALWAYS a good thing; Google knows it, good PPC managers know it, now you know it. And yes, Reviews is an added line-item to the ad, not a give/take like some other extensions. That almost guarantees a higher CTR if you use this extension.

The Benefits:

  1. The exact benefit of Google Trusted Stores, to add trust to the user.
    1.  Not all brands are well-known household names. There are exceptional companies out there that welcome the help and benefit of adding the “endorsement” of Google.
  2. More ad real estate.
    1.  As stated in the opening paragraph, more real estate taken on the SERP, the better. It’s a competition to dominate the 1st page of Google’s search results, and extensions help your company own more of that space on the first page.
  3. Exclusivity.
    1.  A small percentage of eCommerce retailers use Google Trusted Stores, so there’s an element of exclusivity that comes with this extension.
    2.  This is changing, however the number of people using this is still extremely low. The time to set it up is now.


Example of Google Trusted Store used as the Review Ad Extension:

Trusted store example


How to Add the Review Ad Extension…WITH Google Trusted Stores:

    1. Click on the Ad Extensions tab in your AdWords account.
    2. Click the View dropdown menu and choose Review Extensions.
      review extension step 1
    3. Select Account Extension and then click the +New Review button.
      1. You can choose Campaign or Ad Group if you want to add a very specific review, but in the case of Trusted Stores – it’s a good idea to just apply it to the entire Account.
        review extension step 2
      2. review extension step 3
    4. Now it’s time to enter the Review information.
      1. Select “Paraphrased”
        review extension step 4
      2. Enter one of the following (This needs to be copied EXACTLY or Google with not approve it)
        1. Excellent shopping experience
        2. Recognized for excellent customer service
        3. Shop with confidence
        4. Reliable on-time delivery
        5. Free purchase protection
      3. For the Source, enter this exactly: Google Trusted Stores
      4. Source URL: Go to your (or your client) website and click on the Verify link from the Google Trusted Stores badge. Copy that URL and pasted it into the Source URL of your review.
        review extension step 4-1


  1. Click Save and Repeat. Enter All 5 options and let them run.
    1. Google will rotate through the reviews and serve the Best Performing (highest CTR) review.
    2. *Bonus Tip: This also gives you general ad copy ideas that eCommerce customers value. Test the ad copy from Step B in your standard text ad copy to see if there’s a noticeable CTR improvement.


Update: It recently became easier to setup and qualify as a Google Trusted Store! Read the official announcement and then contact us at Granular to help you along with the process.