The California Department of Public Health Turned to Granular for Precise Targeting and Multicultural Reach

During COVID-19 having a precise and inclusive reach was the name of the game. See how Granular rose to the challenge.


The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) works to “shape positive health outcomes” for all of their residents & visitors in collaboration with all of their governmental and non-governmental partners.

CDPH is the state department responsible for public health in California. It is a subdivision of the California Health and Human Services Agency. It enforces some of the laws in the California Health and Safety Codes, notably the licensing of some types of healthcare facilities. Wikipedia

Mission: To advance the health and well-being of California’s diverse people and communities. 

Vision: Healthy communities with thriving families and individuals.

The Opportunity:

After an initial campaign surrounding Covid-19 information and resource, the CDPH was eager to move into its next phase –  “Covid awareness in the workplace.” By now remote work was in full swing, but as more essential workers were needed and businesses started to re-open the CDPH – Occupational Health Branch knew there was an immediate need to educate the people of California about their rights, responsibilities & resources as it related to Covid-19 in the workplace.

With this new challenge and need for speed, the CDPH knew it was time to bring in the help of experienced vendors to execute on marketing strategy, creative development, and media placements for the four critical areas of information. 

Granular’s Solution:

Granular leveraged its expert techniques and strategy to create a highly targeted multichannel approach that spread awareness across the state of California on both Paid Social Media & Google Ads channels. Granular leveraged its partnership with SkiTeam, a Milwaukee-based video content agency, to create custom, bilingual ads. With ads in hand, Granular deployed, tested, and optimized the campaign through Facebook & Google placements using demographic and location targeting to maximize ad exposure to the residents of California. The collaborative efforts and Granulars tactics resulted in 28.5mm impressions, 422,000 video views, a 22% increase in web traffic, and a 91% increase in combined CTR over the national average.