Royal Enfield motorcycle in Granular Blue

Accelerated Growth for Motorcycle Brand

Hired in 2017 - Granular was brought on to help introduce an old brand to a new market through our digital marketing expertise. The Royal Enfield brand is the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production.
Royal Enfield motorcycle in Granular Blue

“Digital is probably one of the most important components in marketing, but digital’s not just digital. What are the things that you set up or have set up to make sure that you’re spending the money to reach the right audience that is in turn going to want to purchase a motorcycle?

My name is Breeann Poland, I am the Head of Marketing and Communications for Royal Enfield Americas and I am the Global Brand Manager for the Continental GT Platform. Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle company in the world. We have been in continuous production since 1901. So about 20 or 30 years ago, the big bike manufacturers started coming into the scene. Expensive motorcycles, motorcycles that maybe were meant for going on cross-country trips but the motorcycle prices themselves were a little bit high. So when Royal Enfield decided to come back to the market, there are a couple of things that we prided ourselves on. One is affordable to anybody and everybody, accessible to anyone and everybody. Simple, classic, and authentic. Those are the things that we wanted people to know and realize that you can find Royal Enfield itself, but also in the middleweight segment.

Before 2017, we had not really made a significant investment in the digital side of marketing. Granular has been extremely instrumental. The president at the time said, “I suggest you take a meeting. They’re local, I’ve read about them, so let’s do it.” We’ve really, in the past five years, been able to put a significant focus in digital through multiple platforms within the digital realm. Granular has helped me grow our YouTube channel, which we finally decided to put effort into in the last 12 months, from 30 subscribers to almost 5,000 in less than a year.

They’ve been really instrumental in teaching us how to be better digitally but also creating campaigns and programs that are effective and lead to leads to sales to even brand awareness. They really figure out the behaviors of those intended targets. I’m not a subject matter expert and that’s why it’s important for me to work with a company like Granular due to their hard work, I think that helps in our retail sales and campaigns. I don’t think it’s easy to just put into two or three sentences the amount of gratitude that actually goes into what Granular does for us.”