Rapid Growth Through More Efficient, Targeted Ad Spend

The Mandel Group, a preeminent leader in the development and management of luxury apartment communities, operates primarily in Milwaukee and its surrounding suburbs. As a comprehensive real estate services firm, it specializes in development, acquisition, construction, and property management.

The Opportunity:

The Mandel Group reached out to us at Granular because they needed help with finding new renters for their luxury apartment communities across Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Des Moines, and St. Louis. They spent a significant amount of money with apartment aggregator websites and felt they were not receiving the best ROI possible.

Granular’s Solution:

We deployed a multi-channel digital marketing strategy, primarily driven by Google Search and supplemented with cross-channel retargeting.

Our Approach:

Our tactics included several paths, both tried & true methods of lead generation but also constantly testing new online advertising features to drive top performance:

  • Google Search ads with campaigns targeting each individual property, with increased flexibility to change our targeting based on apartment size availability (1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, etc.)
  • Demand Generation ads to reach potential in-market customers looking to move to a luxury apartment
    • This type of campaign allows us to create interest in a specific product or service by digitally putting up flyers that focus on telling friends and other connections about a business. It’s a great way to create buzz among people who might not know about it yet.
  • Aggressive retargeting across the Google Display Network and Meta (Facebook and Instagram).
I am thrilled to share our success story with Granular. Thanks to Granular's expertise and strategic approach, our Google advertising spend has been halved compared to our other top lead sources, yielding exceptional results.

Granular's team not only possesses an in-depth understanding of digital advertising best practices but also demonstrates a keen ability to offer valuable insights tailored to our specific needs. The Granular team is quick to devise effective strategies to overcome obstacles and maximize our leasing potential. Their knowledge and guidance have played a pivotal role in optimizing our campaigns and driving substantial leasing outcomes. 

Working with Granular is not only about professional expertise but also about the fantastic team behind it. They bring a delightful mix of fun and kindness to the table, coupled with rapid response times and efficient implementation. Their willingness to assist whenever needed has fostered a partnership that feels more like a collaboration.

Since partnering with Granular, our Google advertising has not just become a lead generator; it's now our number one source, delivering outstanding results at a fraction of the cost compared to other lead generators. Granular's impact on our success cannot be overstated.
Demi Glusic, Marketing Manager
Mandel Group