Using Paid Social to Elevate Recruiting for Essential Jobs During Covid-19

Learn how Granular created a turnkey, top-to-bottom paid digital strategy that closed the gap in recruiting essential workers during the COVID-19.


With over 60 years of industry leading experience, our client is the global leader in staffing and recruiting workforce solutions and services that enable their clients to constantly adapt in the changing world of workforce needs. They serve both large and small organizations across multiple sectors and place millions of associates in roles every year. 

The Opportunity:

Traditional methods like hosting jobs fairs were not feasible during the pandemic, and reaching job candidates became a major challenge, with many states across the US locked down. As their candidates and industry went digital, our client found themselves behind the eightball with limited in-house services to mount a successful digital transformation. 

Our client faced major pressure from their key customers who ran essential businesses and needed to hire for positions like assemblers, warehouse workers, testing kit makers, etc. They needed to ramp up immediately, but didn’t have a great way to meet this demand without a digital strategy.

Enter Granular. 

Granular’s Solution:

Our client leaned into Granular to create and implement a turnkey, top-to-bottom paid digital strategy to reach potential candidates to fill a wide-variety of roles across North America. Granular’s data-driven approach and use of specialized tools helped our client to achieve instant month-over-month growth by achieving a 7X increase in Facebook engagements,  3.85mm unique impressions, 551% increase in conversions, and decreased their CPA by 82.8%.

The methods Granular used were specifically targeted Facebook ads, proven high converting ad copy, a/b tested engaging creative, role specific landing pages, remarketing optimization, and a in-depth, customized reporting dashboard.

We can’t believe we’re not your only client. Your team is so responsive and does such a wonderful job driving strategy for us.
Marketing Manager
Global Staffing and Recruiting Firm