A Case of Wine Subscription Growth

Fast-growing Wine Subscription Startup Savors Incredible Month-Over-Month Improvements With Granular's Digital Marketing Support. Google Ads Conversions increased by 79% and Cost-Per-Conversion decreased by -181%.


Bright Cellars, created by two MIT grads with a passion for wine, utilizes its proprietary “Bright Points” algorithm to match users’ taste preferences to bottles of wine, creating custom curated monthly subscriptions. Founded in  2014, Bright Cellars quickly gained accolades nationwide – headquartered in Milwaukee, WI.

The Opportunity:

Bright Cellars was poised for growth. When they approached Granular, they had already tried Google AdWords, Retargeting, and Pinterest ads, with mediocre results. Not only were they having trouble driving conversions, but they also found it difficult to scale.

Granular’s Solution:

  • Build a PPC marketing strategy that would drive conversions through all stages of the buying funnel, from people searching for “what wine will I like?” to those searching specifically for wine clubs
  • Implement best practices around account structure, targeting, and creative
  • Provide steady, incremental growth of conversions at their target Cost Per Action (CPA) through optimization, testing, and expansion