Love Poem to Quality Score

In paid advertising, we all know the pains of quality score. We work incredibly hard with our clients to get their website to reflect exactly what their business does. Then we write ad copy based on those landing pages and our keywords need to be the most relevant to the user. But sometimes no matter how relevant we think our ads and landing pages are, Google and Bing just don’t see it that way.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wrote a love poem about quality score – of my frustrations and love for this metric. The best tidbit I noticed about quality score is that it’s much like a relationship – we put so much into it but sometimes it just doesn’t work like we want it to. As my lovely coworker said, “quality score is difficult to understand and useless much like some relationships in the world.”  Enjoy!


quality score love


From the moment I heard of you
I knew you could cause me pain & suffering,
yet a key part of my success
is giving you what you need
and what you want.

It will always going to be about you,
I imagine you to be a ten
when you hide behind your faults at a three.

Tell me when you need more –
I’m always on the side waiting for you to decide
if you are truly what others need,
but I’ll just stay in the background pushing you to be better.

I’ll never get credit for all the work I’ve put in,
so I’ll keep analyzing our relationship
while you look for more answers than I can give
& it’s tearing me apart inside
to know that you don’t find me relevant.

But what should I do?
I’ll keep giving and you’ll keep taking
until you are finally where

I need you to be.