How To Prepare Your Facebook Campaigns For Apple’s iOS14 Update

Note: With more and more information being released, this topic is changing quickly. We wrote this blog post & recorded the podcast at the end of January and will do our best to keep it updated as Apple and Facebook release more information.

Facebook vs Apple. It’s a new chapter in an ever-growing data showdown…so what does this data battle mean for your campaigns? Tune in to this episode of the Getting Granular podcast to hear us review what exactly your business needs to do, how Facebook’s PR team is jumping on Apple, plus our take on if this really will affect small businesses or not… 

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What’s Happening?

Facebook iOS14 Privacy Opt-in

Recently, Apple announced that their iOS14 update, which will be released sometime in 2021, will include new privacy policies that apps featured in the Apple App store will have to comply with in order to remain available for download in the store.

The privacy policy states that apps must have an opt-in prompt on every app that allows users to choose whether or not to allow third-party sites to track their data.

The full extent of the impact remains unclear, however, businesses can expect potential impacts to campaign optimization, targeting and conversion tracking.



What Will Change?

Facebook released a statement that highlights the main changes to expect.

  • Facebook Pixel will be limited to 8 conversion events
  • No more 28-day click-through, all view-through attribution windows
  • Only 7 day click attribution
  • Delivery/Action insights will no longer be available
  • Delayed reporting up to 3 days

What You Need To Do Right Now

We don’t have a ton of information yet, however, these are a few things your business can be doing to best prepare for the update.

Additionally, don’t wait! Start brainstorming new ways to sell directly through Facebook now.

  • Capture 1st party data through Facebook using lead generation campaigns
  • Develop a Facebook Shop strategy and sell to customers directly over Facebook
    • If a purchase is made on Facebook, Facebook will still have access to that data and be able to better optimize your campaigns.

At the end of the day, we’ve been here before. Maybe not in this exact situation, but situations that force us as marketers to rethink how we do business. As marketers, our job is to both stay on top of trends and to stay on top of solutions. So, yes, these changes can be frustrating, but with preparation, creative thinking, and a strategic plan in place, your campaigns will overcome!

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