Learn More About YouTube Director Onsite

I’ve been recommending advertising videos on YouTube to clients, colleagues, and industry acquaintances for quite some time. Advertising on YouTube is one of the most affordable and efficient ways to build brand affinity and attract new customers. The issue we hear a lot is getting video content seems like such an expensive and long-winded ordeal. Getting video isn’t hard, and YouTube has made it easier with YouTube Director Onsite. Let’s see how.

What’s YouTube Director Onsite?

The program was started in June 2016 in combination with a YouTube Director app for iPhones. The app is no longer available, but the Onsite program is. Here is how the Onsite program works.

how youtube director onsite works

Image courtesy of YouTube Director Onsite

  1. YouTube will connect you with one of their partners in a variety of cities. You’ll first meet with the filmmaker (or have a call) to learn more about your business and figure out the direction your script should go.
  2. The filmmaker will come to your location to shoot the entire video ad within a couple of hours. Some light edits of the video are allowed within reason.
  3. You can upload your video ad straight to YouTube and start running ads to promote your brand.

What’s the Catch?

Yes the actual video shoot is free, but the recipient of the video shoot must commit to spend at least $350 promoting the video on YouTube. In the grand scheme of things, this is a pretty fair trade. And what’s the point of creating a video if you’re not going to promote it?

youtube director onsite partners

In the image above, we can see the most up-to-date locations of the YouTube Director partners. If you are close to any of these locations, you can be on the phone with a videographer really quick. Most likely you can find $350 from some part of your marketing budget that isn’t working and invest it in video instead.

Any Downsides to the Program?

In my opinion, there isn’t really a downside for getting a quality video for only a couple of hundred dollars. There are, however, a few expectations you need to remember so you know exactly what you’ll be getting.

  1. You need to supply your own actors. This isn’t a big deal. You can use current employees or customers to make the video more natural. Authenticity is key and will make your video better.
  2. You only get one, 30 second video. If you want several edits, or several sizes for Facebook or Instagram, you’re not going to get them. Remember this is an extremely affordable service. If you want several edits, different sizes, or multiple videos to satisfy a longer branding campaign, you need to invest in a more robust service.
  3. Filming can only be done at one location. Put away the massive storyboard. To make the shoot as efficient as possible, you’ll need to find the best location to get your entire story down.

No More Excuses

People are cutting the cord with cable. Have you ever heard of someone cutting YouTube. Probably not. Video is soon going to be the number one form of content consumed online by a massive percentage. Hopefully this post gives you some motivation to try YouTube Director Onsite. You’ll at least be able to test a small video marketing campaign without breaking the bank. The sooner you figure out how to market your brand with video, the better off your brand will be. If you’ve already used the program, let everyone know what you think in the comments.