Google Makes Changes to Ad Rank. New Focus on Prominence.

Today we received notification from our Google Agency reps that there is an update made to Ad Rank, Extensions and Bidding. Here is a list of everything they told us is changing.

  • We are improving how we account for the impact of ad formats (ad extensions) in Ad Rank
  • Some Ad Formats can improve your CTR by 10-20%
  • The cost of incremental clicks from ad formats changes dynamically based on the total amount of prominence your ad receives
  • The system no longer allows for ads in lower positions to receive more prominence from ad formats than the prominence from a higher position.
    • Old Case: First ads showing without formats, but ads in second position showing with many formats
    • There is now a limit to the number of extensions a lower position ad can receive & will never show more than an ad above it to avoid giving the advertiser more “prominence”
  • Ad Type: Search Ad Formats, text ads only
  • On average, we’ll now show more ad formats on ads about the search results.
  • Improved benefits to advertisers showing in the top ad position
    • Google will continue to show your highest performing and most useful combination of ad formats that are eligible

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