Going Deep with Google Shopping

ICYMI – I did a 45 minute podcast on Google Shopping where I went in depth on the technical and strategic side of Google Shopping. It’s worth a listen if you would like to learn more about Shopping for your own skill-set or simply want to use this to ask questions to your current agency or shopping manager.

Thanks to Amy Hebdon for having me on as a guest…and for making this goofy drawing of me (below).

Highlights and Take-Aways

  • A clean data feed is essential for optimizing Shopping Campaigns, since it fills in the gap for both keyword lists and ads.
  • Fixing a data feed is not a straight-shot; it can be a complicated process.
  • Search terms, negative matching, labels, and secret columns downloads can help with campaign performance.
  • New releases and insights from Google can make management and optimizations easier.
  • Immersing yourself in digital marketing can help grow your skill-set.

Give it a listen or read the transcript here:  http://paidsearchmagic.com/7/

Podcast - Paid Search Magic with Jordon Meyer