GA4 Tagging Changes in GTM You Will Love

Those who use Google Tag Manager often may have noticed that Google’s default “GA4 Configuration” tag has disappeared from the list of tag types. Google has decided to roll this into what they call their “Google tag” which is a standardized place to manage your GA4 configuration tagging. Google plans to roll this Google tag out for Google Ads conversion implementation as well. The idea is that the Google tag becomes as defined by Google’s developer documentation

“The Google tag is a single tag you can add to your website to measure website and ads performance. The Google tag is needed to send data to Google Ads and Google Analytics 4 (GA4), also called destinations.”


In addition to this change, Google has introduced a few Google tag and GA4 event tag additions that will absolutely make your time in GTM go just a little bit faster. Let me dive into it and show you how.

These changes may be small but they are definitely much appreciated and will help to make your time in GTM more efficient and impactful. I hope you found this helpful – happy tagging.