Change How You Think About Email Marketing – Part 2


I wanted to start this blog series off (check out part 1) talking about one of the most underutilized and misunderstood digital marketing mediums: email. Email marketing is much more than just sending a newsletter or sales to your consumers. There are many secondary benefits from running an email marketing program, most of which can help your PPC efforts.

Let’s Start with Content

Showing up in someone’s email inbox is an intimate way to communicate in 2018. People are almost obsessively protective of their inboxes. So you need to respect your audience’s time and space. It’s incredibly important to make sure each and every email you send delivers something of value to the people on your email list. How many times have you unsubscribed from a marketing email because the content did not interest you? Create interesting, informative, or valuable content for your consumer will keep your unsubscribe rate to a minimum.

Investing in content creation does not just make your emails more engaging. It can be part of your PPC efforts. If the content it’s good enough to be in an email, it’s good enough to be investing PPC dollars into increasing the content’s visibility. Additionally, the users you draw to your site through SEO and PPC to view your content, the more opportunity you have to retarget and nurture these leads – once again benefiting PPC. efforts.

The content you create for your email can also help you gain more email subscribers. Adding email subscribe gates to high-quality content can help turn users coming from other mediums, like SEO and PPC, into subscribers.


What to do with Your Email Subscriber List

You should also be investing in growing your email list. There are few tactics that can help you grow your subscriber list. You can offer exclusive content, a discount on products, or a simple website pop up to stimulate subscriber growth. Whatever your tactic of choice, gathering emails should always be a top marketing priority.

Outside of the obvious benefits of a large email list, you can import that list into Google and Facebook and target your customers directly with a customer match campaign. You can also create look-a-look audiences of users that have similar characteristics to your email list. For PPC, email addresses are almost a form of currency.

Hopefully, you can see where I’m going here….

Running an email marketing program will make you develop more content. More high-quality content can help PPC and SEO – bringing more traffic to your site and creating more retargeting opportunities.

More content can help you gain email subscribers – while more email subscribers can help your customer match and look-a-like campaigns.

Analyzing how your audience interacts with your emails will help you uncover what kind of content your audience is interested in – helping you draw more interested users into your funnel.

One tactic feeds the other and the other feeds the first, and so on…

It’s all an ecosystem!