Use Google Trusted Store as an AdWords Review

Are you an eCommerce business owner or have a PPC client that is a Google Trusted Store? You can now add the benefit of being a trusted store to your Review Extensions in AdWords! More ad real estate is ALWAYS a good thing; Google knows it, good PPC managers know it, now you know it.[…]

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5 Ways to Optimize Landing Pages for PPC

A landing page is a crucial component of a successful PPC campaign. A well-optimized page can improve your page engagement and conversion rate, bringing more leads to the website and more sales for your business. Today we’re going to walk through the top 5 ways you can optimize your landing pages for your pay-per-click campaigns.[…]

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Stop Bidding Down on Mobile. Improve the Mobile Experience

Let’s see if this scenario rings a bell. When performing account analysis, you segment your AdWords campaigns or ad groups by device. Next, you notice mobile bids convert at a much lower rate than desktop. You pull out Google’s recommended formula for mobile bid adjustments (Mobile Conversion Rate / Desktop Conversion Rate) – 1 and[…]

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Why Your Landing Pages May Not Be Working

Whether you’re involved with PPC, SEO, email marketing or social media, the landing page can make or break the odds of a campaign succeeding. You can drive a lot of traffic, but if your landing page doesn’t convert then what’s the point? A 25% CTR and 400% traffic increase doesn’t look great if the return[…]

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